The 11 Best 11s Of College Football, Week 13: Lockdown At The Top

BabyTateSenior Writer INovember 15, 2008

The past weekend demonstrated a certain amount of stability at the top of the weekly 11 Best 11s Poll. The situation was enhanced by No. 2-ranked Texas Tech having a bye.

The Red Raiders will need their rest, as they are not likely to get any next Saturday night at Oklahoma. The Sooners should also benefit from their bye week as well.

Of the teams who played, some impressed above and beyond the norm. Case in point, Texas' destruction of Kansas on the road by a 35–7 score. The Longhorns were outstanding in each area of the game.

Another impressive unit was Florida. The Gators, a 22-point favorite at game time over South Carolina, showed no mercy on the Gamecocks, winning by 50.

Alabama continued their workman-like performances by cracking the Sylvester Croom code. The Crimson Tide snaped the two-year losing streak to the Alabama alum, and his Mississippi State Maroons, with a business-like workout.

Sir Walter Scott once remarked, "What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive." At this point of the season, all the Tom Foolery is ended. No more pretense. No more hiding weaknesses. We are on the cusp of Rivalry Week, and there is no escape from the reality of who is the stronger, and, who is the weaker.

                                                  The 11 Best 11s

                                                              RANK THIS WEEK                       RANK LAST WEEK

1) ALABAMA                                         #1

2) TEXAS TECH                                    #2

3) FLORIDA                                           #3

4) TEXAS                                               #5 (TIE)

5) SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA                #4

6) PENN STATE                                     #5 (TIE)

7) OKLAHOMA                                      #7

8) OHIO STATE                                     #8

9) UTAH                                                #10

10) BOISE STATE                                  #9

11) MISSOURI                                       #11

On The Porch : Georgia, Cincinnati, Oregon State, Oklahoma State, LSU