UFC 91: What's Next for Brock Lesnar?

Nathan AguilarCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008

Brock Lesnar landed a right hand behind the ear of the legendary champion Randy Couture, sending him to the mat. Brock seized the opportunity by pounding the champion with blow after blow until referee stoppage at 3:07 in the second round. 

What many thought was a long shot and a unfair handout ended up being one for the books.

Brock Lesnar. with a MMA record 3-1. is now a champion once again, this time in his new career as a Professional MMA Fighter. He is turning heads like he always has done with his size, speed and strength.

Headlining main events against top opponents is the only way Brock said he would have it, and with the salary Dana White threw at him, it was the only kind he was going to get. 

Among his short, but successful, quest he faced opponents such as Min Soo Kim, finishing him in the first round by submission in the way of strikes. Then he was off to the UFC, facing champions from the start, such as interim champion challenger and ex-champion Frank Mir.

He got an early advantage on Mir with his size and strength alone but fell short from lack of experience alone.

Then he showed his athletic ability and strong will against ex-champion Heath Herring.  The fight went the distance but was all Lesnar, leaving Heath Herring with the aftermath of a not so pretty face and a look of defeat. 

We all know what was to come next at only three fights Brock Lesnar was to face Randy Couture the undisputed champion that was ready to come out of retirement when a dream match between him and Fedor Emelianenko fell short.

Instead, Randy Couture came back to the UFC to face a young and strong opponent in Brock Lesnar. In which a lot of fans, critics and Couture's corner said, it was to early for Brock to get this shot. What most people forget is that Randy Couture won his first heavyweight title in the UFC on his fourth fight around the same age. They say history repeats itself, so does that mean we have another Randy Couture in the UFC? 

Or do we have a bigger force to deal with? Brock Lesnar is a ex-Big-10 champion at 265 pounds, who moves like he weighs 180 pounds. We will see when he faces the winner of the Nogueira vs. Mir for the interim heavyweight championship.

I guarantee you after watching Brock Lesnar's last two battles if he faces Frank Mir, it won't be as easy and quick as their first fight.

Brock did accept the victory like a champion, thanking the UFC, Dana White, Randy Couture, and GOD. Explaining his cockiness as confidence in hard work and gave nothing but respect and honor to the ex-champion Randy Couture.