The San Antonio Spurs Head South: Tony Parker Takes a Dive

Ian StoneContributor INovember 15, 2008

The San Antonio Spurs have always been a team that had a significant chance of making it to the playoffs. They are feared and ranked among the top teams in the league.

They have always been a championship contender; winning the most championships in the last decade (4). 

Guard Tony Parker and forward Tim Duncan, have led this team for quite some time. These players have averaged circa a combined 40 points per game, since they have been on the Spurs together.

Yes, together they are nearly unstoppable, but with one piece missing, the rest of the team can't finish the puzzle of success. As of now, Tim Duncan has needed to provide a surplus of talent, beyond his capabilities, to make up for the loss of Tony Parker. 

Tony Parker will miss an expected two to four weeks due to an ankle injury. To add to their problem, guard Manu Ginobili also has an ankle injury and is expected to return in the middle of December.

What San Antonio needs to do is to find someone with enough capability to temporarily replace Tony Parker until he is feeling well enough to return to the court. There are many free agents who are capable of fulfilling the role of a temporary starting point guard.

A couple possible pickups could be veterans Darrell Armstrong, Sam Cassell, or even Damon Stoudamire. They are all very talented and don't require a high paying salary.

The Spurs are in a tough situation that can be solved, or covered up, by an important transaction.