WWE: Edge's Top 17 Greatest Rivals of All Time!

Joseph BarattaContributor IIIOctober 24, 2011

WWE: Edge's Top 17 Greatest Rivals of All Time!

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    He is one of the most controversial and iconic wrestlers that ever stepped foot inside the WWE ring. He is a thirty-time champion, holding titles such as the Tag Team, World Heavyweight, Intercontinental and WWE Championships, and more. His name is Adam Copeland, but to wrestling fans everywhere he is known by many names: "The Rated R Superstar", "Mr. Money in the Bank", etc.

    But the whole world knows him by one name: Edge

    Edge has seen it all, done it all and risked it all throughout his entire career. And with the career came championship titles, injuries (one which unfortunately resulted in his retirement), a Royal Rumble victory, and many memorable matches. 

    Edge became either one of the most loved or most hated superstar in the WWE. Edge's rise to wrestling glory was iconic.

    With the Evolution of Edge, came the rivals. From his early rivalries to Edge & Christian vs. The Hardy Boyz, to his final rivalry with Alberto Del Rio, Edge and his rivals not only made great matches but together they made memorable moments in the WWE. This slideshow is a countdown to Edge's greatest rivalries.

Honorable Mentions

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    To start of the countdown we'll begin by naming off the superstars who encountered Edge but did not cut the list and why:

    Mick Foley: Foley vs. Edge was memorable, but the only thing to remember between these two was their Hardcore Match at Wrestlemania 22, where Edge won by spearing Mick Foley through a burning table. Afterwards, both began a stint of ECW where Foley and Edge, along with Lita, teamed up as the Hardcore champions to take on the team of Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, and Beulah McGilicutty in an extreme hardcore match at ECW's One Night Stand.

    The last encounter Foley had with Edge was when Foley motivated Edge to go completely insane to prepare for his match against the Undertaker at Summerslam in a 'Hell in a Cell' match. Foley vs. Edge was memorable but not iconic enough to make the list.

    Rob Van Dam: When RVD became the second ever Money in the Bank winner, he cashed in his championship title against John Cena (just like Edge). RVD's WWE title reign is one of the most notable title reigns in WWE, but it was also short, and RVD and Edge never resurfaced their rivalry again.

    The Miz: Miz and Edge both held the two most coveted titles in WWE at the same time. However their rivalry only went as far as having multiple matches on live TV. Miz vs. Edge was fun to watch but like the rivalry with Mick Foley it didn't go anywhere.

    CM Punk: Once again, it is a notable mention, seeing how Punk and Edge both had the money in the bank briefcase twice and cashed in twice to become champion. But WWE never explored a match between these two, other than the money in the bank match at Wrestlemania 23, and the first time Punk cashed in the briefcase he cashed it in on RAW against Edge for the world heavyweight championship. Punk won and Edge returned to Smackdown.

    The Anonymous RAW GM: He just annoyed Edge with his stupid sound effect.

    So those were honorable mentions but they just couldn't make the "Cutting Edge" (forgive the pun), now let's take a look at Edge's most memorable rivalries. 

17. Team WWE vs. the Nexus

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    Even though this feud was aimed more toward John Cena vs. The Nexus, Edge played a key role in their Summerslam bout in 2010. One week after the Nexus appeared on Monday Night RAW, John Cena called out the Nexus and the brawl between RAW superstars and the Nexus outcast had begun. Edge would join in on the brawl, spearing Wade Barrett.

    After the Fatal 4-Way pay-per-view, Edge and a few other superstars would later turn on Cena and every RAW Superstar who was after the Nexus. Edge would hope to gain andopportunity to have the Nexus as his allies. But following the Monday Night RAW after the Money in the Bank pay-per-view, Edge and Jericho would become victims of the Nexus assaults on RAW. Later that night, Edge and Jericho would join forces with John Cena, R-Truth, John Morrison, The Great Khali (later replaced by Daniel Bryan), and Bret "The Hitman" Hart to confront the Nexus at Summerslam.

    Edge and Chris Jericho's egos would unfortunately cause them to quit and abandon Cena's team. Later, Edge and Jericho would face Cena and Bret Hart with the Nexus as Lumberjacks. But when the Nexus aimed at Edge and Jericho along with Cena and Hart, the team had reunited and Summerslam was on the horizon.

    Edge would help eliminate Skip Sheffield before being eliminated and leaving Cena & Bryan alone. Team WWE would eventually win the battle.

    Give John Cena credit for recruiting Edge to be a part of the team.

16. Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio

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    This was unfortunately the last rivalry for Edge. It all began when Del Rio debuted on Friday Night Smackdown, even though at the time he started to feud with Rey Mysterio. But in no time, Edge would be traded from Monday Nights to Friday Nights. Edge's first feud on Smackdown was with the 'Big Red Monster' Kane. Eventually, the two rivalries would clash at the TLC 2010 pay-per-view in a Fatal 4-Way, Tables, Ladders and Chairs match for the World Heavyweight Championship, which would be won by Edge. Later, Del Rio won the Royal Rumble and vowed that it was his 'destiny' to win in back from Edge at Wrestlemania 27.

    Del Rio already had made an impact, taking out Edge's best friend Christian with a pectoral injury. Del Rio's rivalry with Edge and Christian was a rebirth of one of the greatest tag teams of all time. Edge and Christian reunited and would battle Alberto Del Rio, Brodus Clay and Ricardo Rodriguez for weeks leading up to Wrestlemania 27.

    Although Del Rio claimed it was his destiny to win at Wrestlemania, destiny was not on Alberto's side the night of Wrestlemania 27. Edge's spear sealed the deal, and following the match, Edge would add insult to injury as Edge and Christian wrecked Del Rio's Rolls Royce.

    Del Rio and Edge were expected to face each other at Extreme Rules to further their rivalry, but Edge's injuries finally took their toll and Edge was forced to retire. Edge would then be replaced by Christian in the match. But still, Del Rio's feud with Edge and Christian would continue to add fuel to the fire. Edge would make one more appearance against Del Rio, Rodriguez, and Brodus Clay at Extreme Rules in a Ladder Match.

    As a result, Christian won his first ever World Heavyweight Championship in 17 years, Alberto moved to Monday Night Raw and Edge walked off into the sunset.

15. Edge vs. Batista

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    Edge's rivalry with Batista really began when Edge won the World Heavyweight Championship by from the Undertaker. Batista would then target Edge for his World Heavyweight Championship, and so the "Rated R" era began. Edge and Batista would first meet at the pay-per-view known as "Judgement Day" in 2007. Edge would defeat Batista, but the rivalry did not end there. Edge and Batista would meet inside a Steel Cage at Vengeance, later in 2007. Edge won once again, this time by escaping the steel cage and The Animal.

    Following Vengeance 2007, Edge suffered a pectoral muscle injury and was on the shelf for some time. The Rivalry between Edge and Batista was put on hold... but not for long.

    After Edge's return and feud with the Undertaker, Batista turned his focus back on Edge, who was carrying the World Heavyweight Championship once again. By this time, Edge had formed "La Familia", consisting of Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins, Chavo Guerrero, and Vickie Guerrero. But La Familia would soon have to deal with "The Animal" Batista. Batista targeted Edge one last time for the belt.

    In the midst of the rivalry, Batista was drafted to RAW and away from the World Heavyweight Championship. Before he knew the title would be moved to RAW, Batista felt this was his last shot to get the title from Edge before switching brands. Batista and Edge met at Night of Champions 2008, however, due to the interference of La Familia, Edge would steal a victory from Batista, as Chavo Guerrero replaced the referee and counted Batista out to give Edge the victory.

    On the June 30, 2008 episode of RAW, Edge would run his mouth, which caused Batista to attack Edge and deliver a Batista Bomb in the ring. The rivalry between The Animal and 'The Rated R Superstar" had ended. However, after Batista's brutal attack on Edge, Edge received a taste of his own medicine as CM Punk would cash in the Money in the Bank contract on Edge. Punk defeated Edge and became the new champion on Monday Night RAW. Batista would stay on RAW and Edge then went to Smackdown to deal with other issues.

14. Edge vs. Rey Mysterio

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    It's another one of the rivalries in which people seen as the best of friends become the worst of enemies. And when Edge was dueling it out against Rey Mysterio, the fans loved it.

    Edge and Rey were once a dominant tag team. Edge and Rey, and whoever was on their team, would take down anyone in their path.

    In 2002, after WCW was canceled, Rey Mysterio debuted with the WWE, making an immediate impact. A few months into his WWE adventure, Rey Mysterio would form an alliance with Edge and the two would form a formitable tag team. They would feud with Los Guerreros and the team of Angle and Benoit. Rey and Edge would live the dream as they both captured their first and only tag team titles from Angle and Benoit. Shortly after losing the titles to Eddie and Chavo Guerrero, Edge and Rey disbanded and pursued their own individual careers.

    A few years later, Edge and Rey Mysterio began a feud when Rey Mysterio became the number one contender for Edge's World Heavyweight Championship. Edge at the time was getting serious with his "on-screen" relationship with Rey's personal friend Vickie Guerrero. Edge was able to turn Vickie against Rey, which frustrated Rey to the point where he told Vickie to even drop the Guerrero name. The two former friends met at the WWE pay-per-view, No Way Out in 2008. Rey and Edge's rivalry ended that very night when Edge defeated Rey to retain the championship. Rey suffered a pectoral muscle injury and the feud ended due to Mysterio being out of action for six months.

    Rey and Edge would fortunately team up again in 2010 when Rey was feuding with Alberto Del Rio and Edge had issues with Kane. Rey Mysterio and Edge met at the TLC pay-per-view in 2010, against Del Rio and Kane in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. Since then, Edge & Rey remained loyal friends until Edge's unfortunate retirement.

13. Edge vs. Kurt Angle

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    WWE fans enjoyed watching the Kurt Angle and Edge rivalry, mostly because of the matches that would be in store for audiences and fans watching at home.

    Before their rivalry began, Edge and Kurt had been friends for quite some time. There were even occasions that Kurt Angle would join forces with the tag team of Edge and Christian.

    In 2002, after just a simple one on one match, Edge defeated Kurt Angle, which would only be the spark to the fire of their rivalry. Angle and Edge would continue to interfere with each other's matches, costing them victories.

    Edge had grown tired of Kurt Angle's whining and had challenged Kurt Angle to a match at Backlash in 2002. But before their match, Edge would give WWE fans the pleasure of chanting "You Suck" to Kurt Angle's voice and theme song. Kurt Angle won the match, but Edge would continue to have his fun, even after losing.

    Angle's anger toward Edge would continue to grow, so Kurt and Edge finally put something of value on the line when the two men met at the WWE pay-per-view Judgement Day 2002. The match was Edge vs. Angle in a hair vs. hair match. The loser would have to shave their head bald. Everybody knows how that turned out. Edge saved hair and face and shaved Angle's hair.

    After the famous hair vs. hair match, Angle and Edge would continue to interact but the rivalry would be considered done.

12. Edge vs. Dolph Ziggler

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    After losing the Intercontinental Championship to Kofi Kingston, Dolph Ziggler (with the help of his girlfriend Vickie Guerrero), became the number one contender for Edge's World Heavyweight Championship.

    It's easy to say this rivalry was predictable. Everyone saw this coming when Edge returned to Friday Night Smackdown after being traded from Monday Night Raw. The reason why this rivalry was predictable was because of Edge's 'ex-wife' Vickie Guerrero. After getting a 'divorce' from Vickie in 2009, Vickie had a number of boyfriends, but it would be Dolph that would confront Edge.

    The couple of Vickie and Dolph would do whatever they had to do to take Edge's title. Vickie was looking for personal vengeance towards her Edge, while Dolph was looking for his first championship and was using Vickie to his advantage. In the midst of their rivalry, Ziggler would attack Teddy Long, which would result in Vickie Guerrero being the acting General Manager of Smackdown. With Vickie in power, she banned Edge's signature Spear.

    But that would not be enough to stop the "Rated-R Superstar". Edge would continue to win his battle against Ziggler no matter the stipulation. Vickie and Dolph would also use inter-gender tag team matches to target Edge's title. Due to Kelly Kelly interfering in their match at the Royal Rumble, Lay-Cool and Ziggler would face the team of Kelly Kelly & Edge for Edge's world heavyweight title. It would be Kelly Kelly who would deliver the Spear on Layla (of Lay-Cool). After that scheme failed for Ziggler and Vickie, Guerrero fired Kelly Kelly and then announced the following week that she would referee a championship match between Dolph and Edge.

    Even with Vickie refereeing the match between Dolph and Edge. Edge would not only deliver the Spear to secure a victory, but it would be another victory for The Rated-R Superstar due to Green Bay Packer linebacker Clay Matthews taking over as referee in the match.

    Vickie and Dolph would result to drastic measures and would then falsely blame Edge for the attack on Teddy Long. With Vickie in charge, she fired and stripped Edge of the World Heavyweight Championship. Thankfully for Edge, Teddy Long recovered the very night Edge was fired and scheduled a title match between Edge and Dolph Ziggler, one last time. Edge won the match and headed toward the Elimination Chamber. Teddy Long would then exact his revenge on Vickie Guerrero by firing her Dolph Ziggler, then rehiring Kelly Kelly at the Elimination Chamber 2011 pay-per-view.

    One week after Ziggler was fired, Edge still was not done. With Kelly Kelly in her corner, Edge and Kelly Kelly would take the opportunity to face Vickie Guerrero and Drew McIntyre in a match. If Vickie lost the match she would be fired. Vickie's team did lose and she was fired, which then officially ended the rivalry between Dolph Ziggler, Vickie Guerrero and Edge.

    (One thing I didn't understand of this rivalry was why was Kelly Kelly used in this scenario instead of Vickie's ex-rookie Kaitlyn? Eh.. what the hell, it was still very fun to watch.)

11. Edge vs. Kane

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    What can you say about this rivalry? It was fun, exciting, and very amusing to WWE fans. After Bragging Rights 2010, Edge vowed to become World Heavyweight Champion once again. The only thing standing in Edge's way was Kane.

    Kane and Edge have had small rivalries dating back to 2005. After Edge had stolen Lita's heart from Kane and Matt Hardy, Kane would target Edge. However, the rivalry ended when real life drama hit the WWE Universe (which will be explained later).

    In 2007, Kane and Edge would seek to battle again for the World Heavyweight Championship, unfortunately Edge would suffer a pectoral muscle injury which kept him away from wrestling activites so, once again, the rivalry would hit a pause.

    But, later, the rivalry between Edge and Kane resumed. However the roles were reversed, in 2005 and 2007, Edge was supposed to be seen as the 'heel' and Kane was suppose to be seen as a 'face'. Now, Edge was what little kids call the 'good guy'. However, Edge's tactics against Kane were not qualified as 'good'.

    Recently, Kane had buried the feud between him and his brother, the Undertaker, when Kane defeated his brother in a 'Buried Alive' at Bragging Rights. Now, Kane's next victim was supposed to be Edge. However, Edge had a plan.

    Edge's plan was to kidnap Paul Bearer, Kane's father. Edge would play mind games on Kane by tormenting his father. Edge would fool Kane over and over again, such as when he pretended to push Paul Bearer down stairs or off tables from very high places. Kane and Edge first met at Survivor Series, where the match ended when both men were counted out by the ref. Edge's mind games on Kane continued until he actually fooled Kane into taking out Paul Bearer himself.

    Later at the TLC pay-per-view, the World Heavyweight Championship would be decided in a Fatal 4-Way Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. The match was Edge's specialty, which gave Edge not only the advantage, but the victory. Kane and Edge's last match was an appropriately a Last Man Standing match. Edge would stand alone as the World Heavyweight Champion as Kane was defeated.

10. Edge vs. Christian

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    The best of friends, yet the worst of enemies. Edge and Christian were one of the most dominant tag teams of all time and both men were individually exciting superstars.

    Edge and Christian's rivalry is one of the most fierce in WWE since both men were the best of friends. Edge and Christian would fool the WWE Universe, convincing everyone that they were brothers. But things took a turn for the worse in 2001, while WWE was battling with the WCW alliance, Edge and Christian appeared to be a stable tag team, at least until Christian betrayed Edge.

    Both men would face each other for the Intercontinental title in 2001, at the pay-per-views No Mercy and Unforgiven. Edge and Christian were officially over in 2001. However, both men would meet time and time again as Edge and Christian would be heartful and hated enemies.

    In 2009, after Christian returned from the WWE, both men met each other for the first time in many years but they were still not on the same page. One year later, after Christian was drafted to Smackdown and Edge was drafted to RAW, Edge and Christian began a rivalry of their own. Both men met each other in a one-on-one match on Monday Night RAW, which Edge won.

    Christian would then start feuding with Matt Hardy and then Alberto Del Rio on Smackdown. After suffering an injury from Del Rio, Christian returned to aid his life long friend, Edge. Christian was a helpful friend when Edge was dealing with Alberto Del Rio. But then, suddenly, tragedy struck and Edge was forced to retire. Taking his place as World Heavyweight Champion was his best friend, Christian.

    Months later, Christian would turn heel toward his peeps. And when he asked his best friend for help, Edge refused, stating Christian had become a "whining, moaning, little bitch!" Edge and Christian's friendship and rivalry has and will never be the same again.

    The Edge and Christian rivalry was born first out of jealousy, then it was out of anger. Either way Edge and Christian were more noted as tag team champions than as bitter rivals.

    This rivalry is marked at number 10 because Edge and Christian never took their rivalry to events such as Wrestlemania, Summerslam or Survivor Series. However since both men were best of friends they made the worst of enemies.

9. Edge vs. Randy Orton

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    From The Intercontinental Championship, to forming Rated RKO, to Wrestlemania 23, to Over The Limit and Fatal Four Way 2010. The Edge and Randy Orton rivalry was nothing short of astonishing.

    The rivalry began while Randy Orton was part of Evolution. At the time, it seemed like no force in the WWE could match the talent that the group had. Evolution was holding every championship on Monday Night RAW at the time of their existence. Triple H was the World Heavyweight Champion, Ric Flair and Batista were tag team champions and Randy Orton held the Intercontinental Championship. Edge decided to target Randy Orton's title. 

    Edge started to get in Randy Orton's face while Orton was in Evolution. And they had great confrontations from 2004 to early 2005. Even at the Elimination Chamber match for the vacant World Heavyweight Championship match with guest referee Shawn Michaels, Edge and Orton held nothing back in the match. Both men gave it everything they had to become World Heavyweight Champion. At one point in the match Edge, attempted to spear Orton but hit referee Shawn Michaels. Edge later hit Orton with the spear, however with the referee out Edge couldn't get the count on Orton. Instead after waking up Shawn Michaels, Edge received some Sweet Chin Music, followed by an RKO. Later, no other confrontations between Edge and Orton would occur. 

    In 2006, Edge had problems dealing with D-Generation X. Edge decided to deal with DX by forming a team with his former nemesis. Edge and Orton became one of the most unforgettable teams in WWE history, known as Rated RKO. They would be one of the most formidable tag teams on Monday Night RAW and DX had one of the greatest rivalries of their lives.

    Following Wrestlemania 23, Edge and Orton would be fierce rivals going after the WWE Championship, held by John Cena.

    The rivalry between Edge and Orton didm't really resurface in a WWE ring until 2010, when Edge decide to cost Randy Orton a shot at the WWE Championship. Edge attempted to reform their notable tag team of Rated RKO but Orton was a new man and said no–with an RKO. Edge and Orton would meet at Over the Limit 2010. While the match ended in a draw, their rivalry would not stop. The two men would still engage each other on Monday Night RAW, even with RAW's issues with the Nexus.

    Edge and Randy Orton's rivalry was an exciting battle to watch every Monday or Friday Night. Wherever they went, people knew there was gonna be trouble, whether Edge and Orton were partners or rivals.

8. Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

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    Dating back to the days of Edge and Christian vs. Matt and Jeff Hardy, Edge seemed to have a unique chemistry when battling one of the Hardy Boyz (whichever one he faced).

    Individually, this rivalry surfaced when Jeff Hardy returned to WWE, and gave Edge a Twist of Fate. Jeff and Edge would meet from time to time after then, such as in the Team DX vs. Team Rated RKO at Survivor Series or the Money in the Bank match at Wrestlemania 23. Jeff and Edge would be there to be two of the many superstars talked about in the matches they had.

    Later in 2008, when Jeff Hardy won the WWE Championship from Edge, the two would be going at each other in all of their matches (even with Triple H involved). Edge and Jeff Hardy's rivalry for the WWE Championship would be put on hold after Matt Hardy betrayed his brother Jeff to help out his former arch-nemesis.

    After Wrestlemania 25 and Backlash, Jeff turned his focus back to Edge, but this time for the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge and Jeff met at two pay-per-views to settle the matches that lied ahead. At Extreme Rules 2009, Jeff Hardy would beat Edge and later won the World Heavyweight Championship from Edge in a ladder match, only to be defeated by CM Punk, who later cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase on Jeff.

    After that night, Jeff and Edge's rivalry never arose again! But still, fans of WWE couldn't help but contain their excitement whenever the two high flyers met. It is certainly a rivalry to be acknowledged.

7. Edge vs. Triple H

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    Most WWE fans believed that Edge was a Triple H wannabe. And there were some comparisons, Edge and Triple H had the same hair style, they both were ruthless in the ring, and they both had issues with some common superstars. But the truth was, while they were similar in some ways, Edge was nothing like Triple H.

    After the days of the McMahon-Hemsley era on Smackdown, Edge and Triple H would continue to have their issues. When Triple H formed Evolution, he made enemies such as Goldberg, Chris Benoit, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Edge. Edge's goal was to bring an end to Triple H's group of Evolution, however Evolution would break itself apart like most WWE teams (excluding teams such as DX and the Nexus).

    Years later, in 2006, after Triple H lost his opportunity for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 22, Edge would seek another opportunity to reclaim the title. So at the pay-per-view Backlash, the main event for the WWE Championship was Edge vs. Triple H vs. John Cena. Cena beat both men, and the focus of the championship was on Cena and Edge.

    Triple H, on the other hand, would join forces with Shawn Michaels to reunite D-Generation X. DX and Edge would then cross paths and feud with Edge, who formed an alliance with Randy Orton to make Rated RKO.

    About two years later, Triple H was drafted to Smackdown with the WWE Championship. And his first issue was Edge, who had gained the love and support of Smackdown General Manger, Vickie Guerrero. Other superstars would become part of their rivalry, but it started with Edge vs. Triple H, and it would end with Triple H taking back his WWE Championship.

    Edge vs. Triple H had more than just excitement in store, it had everything in store for the WWE Universe.

6. Rated RKO vs. D-Generation X

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    ARE YOU READY... For D-Generation X vs. Rated RKO? 2006 was the year that DX would encounter probably their most dangerous and famous enemies for the first time.

    After costing Edge the WWE Championship on RAW, DX would become one of Edge's top priorities to deal with before moving on with his career. So, as desperate times called for desperate measures, Edge asked his former arch-nemesis Randy Orton to become his partner to take down the team of D-Generation X. Given Randy Orton's history with Triple H, Randy accepted and Rated RKO was born.

    Rated RKO pulled a trick out of the DX book and mimicked the two men they would face at three pay-per-views. With the help of Eric Bischoff as the guest referee, Rated RKO stole a victory from DX at Cyber Sunday 2006.

    A few weeks later, Edge & Orton would defeat Rowdy Roddy Piper and Ric Flair to become tag team champions. Again, Rated RKO would form a bigger team that included stars such as Johnny Nitro, Mike Knox, and Gregory Helms to battle DX's team at "Survivor Series 2006". The members of Team DX included stars such as CM Punk and the Hardy Boyz, Matt and Jeff. Team Rated RKO got swept at the event, but they would not stop.

    DX would once more cost Edge a WWE championship title against John Cena, when both men charged the ring and attacked Rated RKO. Things would begin to become even more drastic as Rated RKO assulted and brutalized Ric Flair, a close friend of both Shawn Michaels and Triple H.

    Rated RKO & DX met one last time at New Year's Revolution for the tag team titles. During the match, Triple H suffered a career-threatening injury and DX would be disqualified. But the damage was done, Edge and Orton only had to deal with Shawn Michaels the last member of DX. But it was Shawn Michaels (with the help of John Cena), that took down Rated RKO.

    Rated RKO was one of the most classic tag teams of all time, and it would seem to be D-Generation X's number one rivals. All because Edge formed the team.

5. Edge vs. Chris Jericho

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    Once again, Edge seemed to have found some similarities with one of his rivals, this time Chris Jericho. Back in the early 2000s, Jericho and Edge would battle each other along with some other competitors for the Intercontinental Title. But the rivalry would not stop there, both men were on the hunt against Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge and Jericho would not stop there...

    In 2009, Edge and Chris Jericho were both on the same show, Friday Night Smackdown. And their egos would ignite and then the rampage began. However, both men started to lose matches, followed by their championships. So out of desperate need, Edge and Chris Jericho formed a team. Edge and Chris Jericho would then win the "Unified Tag Team Championships". However, fate took a turn on Edge.

    During their title reign, Edge tore his achilles tendon and was placed on the shelf for the remainder of 2009. Blaming him for putting him in a tight fix, Chris Jericho bashed his former partner and then moved on by teaming with Big Show. Edge was gone, but not for long and not for good.

    At the 2010 Royal Rumble, Edge made his triumphant return at entry number 29. And Edge didn't hesitate to take out his opponents. As soon as Edge entered the ring, it was a quick 1 spear, 2 spear, 3 spear. And Edge's first victim of elimination was his former tag team partner, Chris Jericho. Edge would win the Royal Rumble and then go on to the main event of Wrestlemania 26.

    With no other way to get to Wrestlemania, Chris Jericho entered the Elimination Chamber and became the World Heavyweight Champion. Chris Jericho was going to Wrestlemania... against Edge!

    Even after Wrestlemania, Jericho & Edge would continue to face each other at events such as Extreme Rules 2010, that time in a steel cage. Both men faced one another in the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. Edge and Jericho would then put aside their differences to take down the Nexus. But when both men went after Sheamus and the WWE championship, the friendship ended again.

    Edge and Jericho had many things in common, both men had shows (such as the "Highlight Reel" and the "Cutting Edge") and both men teamed with Christian at one point. And both men were Wrestlemania main eventers. But in the midst of all that, Edge and Jericho were the most bitter enemies.

4. Edge vs. the Undertaker

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    Edge made history again by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase to become World Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career. Unfortunately for Edge he did it against the phenom, The Undertaker.

    When Edge cashed in against the Undertaker, that was just what most people considered an appetizer. The main course began when the Undertaker would meet Edge at Wrestlemania 24 for the championship. Trying as hard as he could, Edge would still become number 16 on the Undertaker's current 19-0 record at Wrestlemania.

    So like most men, Edge would exercise his rematch at Extreme Rules in 2008. Once again, Edge lost. But following the events of Extreme Rules, Edge's wife, Vickie Guerrero, stripped the Undertaker of the World Heavyweight Championship. Edge and The Undertaker met again at Judgement Day 2008, however their match ended in a double count out and Vickie Guerrero screwed the Undertaker again.

    Edge was still bent on becoming World Champion, so at One Night Stand 2008, he challenged the Undertaker in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. As a result, Edge won the title and Undertaker would leave the WWE. But not for long.

    As a result of Edge's punishment for his actions against Vickie Guerrero, who was Smackdown general manger, the Undertaker was reinstated. But Edge and the Undertaker would not be battling for the World Heavyweight Championship, as Edge had lost the title to CM Punk on Monday Night RAW. Undertaker was out for revenge.

    And unfortunately for Edge, Vickie Guerrero held the match at Summerslam in 2008, inside the demonic structure known as 'Hell in The Cell'. When Edge began to realize the new challenge that lied ahead of him, Edge went completely nuts, believing it was the only way to beat the Undertaker.

    Try as he might, Undertaker defeated Edge inside Hell in the Cell at Summerslam and had Edge rest in peace along with the rivalry.

3. Edge & Christian vs. the Hardy Boyz vs. the Dudley Boyz

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    Three of the greatest tag teams of all times brought the WWE Universe the most exciting, jaw-dropping, head-shaking events in the history of WWE.

    Edge and Christian were one of the most dominant tag teams of the late 90s and early 2000s, but so were the Hardy Boyz and the Dudley Boyz. When all three teams met for the tag team titles, the whole world was introduced to Tables, Ladders and Chairs matches at Wrestlemania 2000.

    The ladder match had already been a fantasy turned into a reality at Wrestlemania 10, when Shawn Michaels met Razor Ramon for the Intercontinental title. But years later, Edge, Christian, Matt Hardy, and Jeff Hardy would bring a whole new level to the ladder match. Eventually both teams would include the Dudley Boyz, and bring in tables and chairs.

    Edge and Christian were exact opposite images when it came to the Hardy Boyz. While both teams were a union of brothers, Edge and Christian were not brothers of blood but brothers of bond. The same could be said when comparing Edge and Christian to the Dudley Boys.

    Edge and Christian would have a number of run-ins with both teams. Edge & Christian would even befriend the Hardy Boyz one time in their career to take care of teams such as the Dudleys, Triple H & Stone Cold, or the WCW Alliance.

    But now, whenever people talk about the Dudleys, E&C, and the Hardys together at the same time, there is only one thing to talk about with the three teams. The triangle ladder match at Wrestlemania 16 (aka Wrestlemania 2000) and the second triangle ladder match at Wrestlemania 17.

    During the early 2000s or late 1990s, WWE fans tuned in everyday, every minute, every hour to root for the teams of the Dudley Boys, The Hardy Boyz (aka Team Extreme with Lita), and Edge and Christian. Together the teams made history and memories that would last for generations.

2. Edge vs. John Cena

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    The last two rivalries on Edge's list are considered a tie because of the level of excitement, the level of drama and the level of action both rivalries brought.

    Considered number two right now: Edge vs. John Cena.

    When Cena first started out in the WWE he actually befriended Edge, but it was only a one time deal. So in the year 2005 at the WWE pay-per-view event New Year's Revolution 2006, Edge would make his date with history by cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to become WWE Champion for the very first time in his career. However, Edge did it against a man who would become one of his many hated enemies: John Cena.

    Following the events of New Year's Revolution, Cena & Edge would face each other in matches on Monday Night RAW and at the Royal Rumble. But the rivalry was on hold entering Wrestlemania 22. But, quickly following Wrestlemania 22, Edge would seek to regain what was once his. So, the two superstars, along with Triple H would first meet at Backlash 2006. But then Rob Van Dam entered the mix.

    But Edge would prevail and take the title away from Rob Van Dam. Then the rivalry between Cena and Edge was revived. And who can forget the events of the Cena and Edge rivalry during the year 2006?

    What about events such as Edge and Lita's 'live sex show celebration'? Cena throwing Edge into the Long Island Sound? Summerslam 2006, TLC match at Unforgiven 2006, Edge slapping Cena's father, even Steel Cage matches? But even then the rivalry between Edge and Cena would not end. Three years after fighting each other for the WWE Championship, Edge would steal away another championship from Cena, the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Then came Wrestlemania 25, the Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship. John Cena vs. Edge vs. Big Show. Cena would again triumph over Edge. But sadly in 2009, Edge wanted to put the rivalry to an end. Which meant only one of them would be the Last Man Standing, and it was Edge.

    This rivalry was so big, fans even compared it to rivalries like Michigan vs. Ohio State or even compared it to the New York Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox. It was a rivalry of hate, a rivalry of bitterness, and an ultimate rivalry.

    The last time the world saw Cena and Edge was when both rivals shook hands out of respect for one another. While Edge and John Cena were the bitterest enemies, they were the best of competitors.

    But what rivalry of Edge's could be tied with one of the most fiercest rivalries in the history of the WWE?

1. Edge vs. Matt Hardy

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    It would've been hard not to include this rivalry on the list. This rivalry was not only business, it was personal beyond belief.

    In early 2005, Edge had become one of the most hated people in the world because of his actions toward Matt Hardy. But before 2005, Matt and Edge had a long history.

    Matt and Edge were on different tag teams at the same time and both men were part of two of the fiercest tag teams in the history of the WWE. Both teams making highlights of lifetime at events such as Wrestlemania 2000 and Wrestlemania 17.

    Outside of the ring, Edge and Matt had become very close friends, some could say almost like they were cousins or another form of brothers. But when Matt Hardy suffered an injury in 2005, his whole world turned upside down.

    Secretly at the time, Edge was having an affair with Matt Hardy's girlfriend Amy "Lita" Dumas. The WWE Universe for the first time saw a love triangle that was not scripted. As a result of this affair, Matt Hardy was fired from the WWE, and Edge and Lita were now the new couple of the show but unlike Matt and Lita, Edge and Lita were despised by WWE fans everywhere. The real life drama turned into a real life rivalry.

    WWE later reinstated Matt Hardy and his first target was his former friend and former girlfriend: Edge and Lita. Matt Hardy was out for revenge and it was one of the most talked about rivalries during 2005. Edge and Matt's rivalry involved matches at Summerslam 2005, street fights, and of course the Steel Cage match at Unforgiven 2005.

    Sadly, for viewers, the rivalry came to an end and so did the anger. Outside of the WWE Universe, Matt forgave Edge and Lita and moved on. But inside the WWE ring, Matt would never ally himself with Edge until Matt betrayed his brother Jeff in 2009.

    The Matt Hardy vs. Edge rivalry was intense, fierce, competitive, real-life drama, and absolutely exciting. From bitter tag teams to bitter individuals. Matt Hardy vs. Edge was "the REAL DEAL"!

Recap and End

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    Picking between John Cena or Matt Hardy as Edge's greatest rival is a hard one. But ultimately many fans may consider John Cena as Edge's number one rival. But then again Matt Hardy's rivalry with Edge makes a very good case. In the end, it's up for viewers to decide.

    Whatever the case, The Rated R Superstar sure knew how to impact the WWE Universe with his attitude, with his technique, and with his words. Edge will forever live in the memories of the WWE Universe, but it can be safe to say that Edge wouldn't have been the superstar that he became if not for his famous matches, moments, and rivalries.