WWE: To All People Who Say Pro Wrestling Is "FAKE"

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WWE: To All People Who Say Pro Wrestling Is

I remember when I first saw pro wrestling on television. I was eight years old. It was an airing of Sunday Night Heat and since that night, 12 years later, I'm still a dedicated wrestling fan. I was already hooked on  other sports as a young kid, but wrestling I watched non-stop.

It was a great time to be a fan, in late 2000, close to the end of the Attitude era. I had been watching the WWE for a couple months when I heard the eight words that no little wrestling fan should:

"Hey, you do know that wrestling is fake?"

This came from my babysitter at the time. I looked at her confused and just kinda blew it off as nothing. Those words always hung in the back of my head, but it would take me a couple of years to understand what she meant.

It was an NHL game that got me thinking. However it wasn't the game itself, it was everyone's favorite part of hockey, the fights! This is what caught my attention.

In the NHL game, a player got knocked out by a right hand. How come when my favorite wrestler, The Rock, would hit someone, they would not get knocked out?

I then did something that I thought would give me the answers. I went on the Internet and I learned the truth about pro-wrestling. My reaction at first, well let's just say I was a little confused. But then as it sank in, I realized I didn't care. I still liked wrestling better than any other sport.

So here I am, many years later and still a huge fan. However like some wrestling fans I still get really annoyed when people say, "Oh hey that stuff is fake." For the last time, get it right wrestling is not fake!!! It is simply scripted. Allow me to elaborate to those who see it just as 'fake."

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