10 Babes You Would Love to Have If You Were a Pro Athlete

Jerry SanchezCorrespondent IAugust 28, 2011

10 Babes You Would Love to Have If You Were a Pro Athlete

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    Imagine yourself as a professional athlete. You're athletic, attractive, and receive much attention. You're in a world where you can score any chick you want! Wouldn't we all just embrace that? Some pro athletes do stuff, like cheat, that make us all wonder, "Why would you do that when you have her?"

    It's safe to say that actors and pro athletes attract loads of hot and sexy women. They can get a variety of different women, including races or ages. 

    The next 10 people are women you would love to be with or set your sights on if you were a pro athlete.

Honorable Mention: Kim Kardashian

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    Of course, we're just looking at the necklace she is showing!

    An obvious pick if she was single. Now she's married to New Jersey Nets forward, Kris Humphries. I'm pretty sure you would never mess with their love or else you'd get it from Humphries.

Honorable Mention: Jessica Alba

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    If this was about seven years ago, she easily could have been number one. However, you see her at an honorable mention; but it's still fascinating that she's still amazingly hot after all these years.

    She's a great actress, yet she agreed to star in a horrible Spy Kids 4 movie. Not even her pretty face could attract many viewers; and I'm sure glad I didn't go view and spent money on good movies.

    Nonetheless, one of the most attractive babes in the world, Jessica Alba will always be in your memory given the fact that she was probably a celebrity crush. Plus, she's 30 years old and has a husband. Not the most ideal lady to go after however an ideal one to have with you. Her age and family are obviously not something you'd break down, but imagine being with her!

10. Shakira

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    Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique, is one lucky man. Her looks don't tell everything about her. I'm pretty sure most of the readers know who Shakira is, but if you don't, then you'll be surprise what she can do.

    She can sing well in both Spanish and English. However, her best attribute has  to be her dancing. She can move those hips so well it becomes damn sexy!

9. Mila Kunis

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    At number nine, we have Mila Kunis.

    You probably know her from the TV hit shows, That 70's Show and Family Guy. She can make us laugh and make us want her. She's 28 and still looks very young! She's sexy and has shown that in the movie, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    She loves technology and even plays World of Warcraft so anyone with similar interests of comedy and technology, Kunis would be a great fit for you.

8. Hayden Panettiere

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    Another star who broke up with her boyfriend, you have Hayden Panettiere. This blond babe is one of the youngest out of this list. She also began her acting career at a very young age. I know her mostly for voicing Kiari from one of my favorite video games, Kingdom Hearts.

    Obviously, that's not all she's done. Whether it's screaming in Scream 4 or being in Heroes, she is a very hot, short 22 year old.

    Continuing our list is...

7. Blake Lively

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    The star of Gossip Girl is a rather hot white woman. (If you understand this reference, you'll get why I said it.) She began acting almost seven years ago. She is quite talented.

    She's young and sexy who would definitely be a good time. The only letdown is that she is supposedly dating actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, and that seems like she's into older men. Maybe she would be an ideal choice for any of the veterans involved with the pro leagues.

6. Keira Knightly

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    An English babe who received international notice from the movie Bend it Like Beckham and was nominated for awards from that movie. Now she's widely known as Elizabeth Swan from the first three Pirates of the Caribbean movies. She's a pretty damn good actress and will be starring in way more movies given the fact that she's only 26.

    An attainable lady, she has stated that she doesn't want to have children yet, so you wouldn't have a family anytime soon, however you would be more focused on her and your sport. I guess that's a good reason to chase this babe. Just don't stalk her like that one 41 year old who did. 

5. Jessica Biel

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    Another Jessica except this one is one year younger and single! She is incredibly talented and incredibly hot. I envy Adam Sandler in that one scene in the movie, I Now Pronounce You, Chuck & Larry. If you have seen the movie, you will highly agree with me.

    Anyways, she was the sexiest woman alive in 2005 and the only thing that has really changed is her age. At 29, she's still young and hot. She has that amazing look for maybe another 13 or 14 years.

4. Megan Fox

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    She has great talent and is one of the better actresses of today. She did great in the first two Transformers movies, which she is probably more famous for.

    However, her acting hasn't been all she's noted for. She's downright gorgeous. It's hard to imagine that she has one major flaw. Her thumbs.

    At 25, she could appear in more big-time movies and not just be a "pretty face".

3. Katy Perry

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    How Russell Brand got her is beyond my knowledge. I guess she has a thing for comedic men so any funny guy would love to step up to the plate.

    Her style is unique, whether it's singing or dressing up. She seems like a very approachable, kind woman. It's obvious she wouldn't leave Russell Brand, but if she were single there would be storms of men all trying to captivate her heart.

    She's got some huge knockers, I guess you could say, and has amazing beauty.

2. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

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    I'm not going to say anything other than she's great in Transformers 3. Anything else concerning her is a job for the picture.

1. Emma Stone

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    She probably has the most promising career out of any of the young, rising stars. At number one we have Emma Stone. She makes redheads look amazing even though she is a natural blond. Her smile is great and her husky voice is one I consider sexy.

    She has been featured in so many movies already. From SuperBad to Easy A we know she specializes in comedy but is also headed for a more serious role in 2012. She will be Gwen Stacy in the reboot of the Spider-Man series.

    She's only 22 so if you were to turn out to be a flop instead of a star, consider yourself like Marko Jaric who watches his beautiful wife bring in more of the cash and fame than he does.

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