The Little Guy Gets Hosed By The Refs Again!

Sooner03Contributor INovember 15, 2008

Okay...nobody should blow a 30-point lead midway through the third quarter.  At some point you know a "program" team will start coming back.  Having said that...I again saw some bad officiating to maybe "help" a power program back into a game. 

I admit I sporadically watched this game throughout the second half and did not watch continuously until seven minutes left in the game when LSU drove down for the go ahead score.  So I cant look at the whole game as a perspective. 

Well when Troy got the ball back they started moving it.  On a second down they converted a first down on a ten to fifteen yard pass play.  They got flagged for a holding call.  I must have watched the replay 4 times a could not in my unbiased mind of these two teams call that a hold (close ...but not a hold..the tackle was not beat). 

Okay..I thought...2nd and 15.  Shouldn't make a difference.  incomplete...3rd down.  Incomplete...4th down.  On the 4th down play..Troy's QB throws a ball into what looks like triple coverage..and before the ball gets there an LSU DB just blatantly nails the Troy receiver in the back for what looks like an obvious pass call.

On the replay one might (maybe just maybe) see the ball get tipped before it arrives ...but the kicker is...the receiver had already been nailed in the back.  WTF?  Really? 

The ref was standing right there behind the play!?!?  Did anyone else see that???  I'm really really glad I'm not a Troy fan!  Better refs next time! :)