DeSean Jackson: The New Brian Westbrook

chris klinknerSenior Writer INovember 15, 2008

Oh, 2,104 yards, where have you gone?

This year hasn't been 2007 for Brian Westbrook. He is in the bottom third of rushing leaders, can't seem to avoid the injury bug, and has disappeared in games when he is needed most. But the man does have something upstairs: He was very smart to get that extension signed in the off-season. A Villanova education; priceless!

There is still time for 'B-West' to save his season and do a New York Giants punt return on the Eagles 2008 season. I wouldn't doubt him. But just in case B-West doesn't return to being B-West, well, it's nice to have rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson.

There have been some "rookie" moments for DeSean this season, but overall you just gotta say "Wow!".
The kid is everywhere. First it was back-to-back 100 yard receiving games. Then it was returning a punt for six points. And now it is being a weapon in the backfield. Running the reverse, lining up in the wildcat formation; the kid is a blazer in the backfield.

In nine games Jackson has collected 973 yards from scrimmage. Not quite B-West of 2007, but pretty phenomenal for a second round draft pick out of California.

So maybe tomorrow is the week that Westbrook gets rolling and finally stays rolling (the Bengals run defense does suck).
The Eagles need a heavy dose of Westbrook and Buckhalter tomorrow, getting the RBs and the OL confident in the run game.
Give the defense a breather with time eating drives. A rested defense means one that can stop the run.
Use this game as a momentum builder, show the other teams that the Eagles too can play smash-mouth NFC East football.

A healthy #36, with the continued growth of #10 could actually equal five or six wins down the stretch.

Tomorrow the Eagles get the first of those five or six.
Eagles 30 Bengals 17