Philadelphia Eagles Showing Worrisome Signs so Far in Preseason

Darren GrossmanCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2011

The Eagles must protect Michael Vick to sustain drives
The Eagles must protect Michael Vick to sustain drives

Preseason does not count.  It means nothing.  Many people do not watch it because the games do not matter.  However, the fact the Eagles offense has mounted exactly one legitimate drive in three preseason games has to be at least somewhat meaningful, right?

I know they have not had Jeremy Maclin and I know the offensive line has played poorly, but remember, the offensive line was pretty lousy last year too and the offense managed to move the ball and score points.

This preseason, Michael Vick has been running for his life.  The very first drive against Baltimore, the Eagles went on an impressive drive and scored a touchdown.  Since then, the only real offensive points have been a fluke.  They have either been set up by turnovers, penalties or scored by Mike Kafka and Vince Young.

The first string offense did little against Cleveland and even less against Pittsburgh.  Defensively the Eagles have struggled stopping the run.  That fact seems obvious. 

The good news is the Eagles have had success running the ball with Ronnie Brown and LeSean McCoy.  The problem is that Andy Reid does not like to run the ball.  Would Reid be willing to adjust?  If Reid is willing to let this be an offense that runs the ball well, it would fix a lot of the offensive problems.

A good rushing attack would make it difficult for teams to blitz.  It would also enable a play action pass to be effective and the Eagles would be able to disguise the offensive line issues.  The right side of the line is going to be a problem all season if the Eagles do not find a solution.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Eagles have had trouble stopping the running game, but they did show improvement against Cleveland.  They played hard and the young linebackers actually looked good.  Casey Matthews had his best game of the season and Jamar Chaney continues to be very impressive.

However, none of that will matter if the Eagles cannot figure out a way to mount drives.  They have to be able to consistently protect Michael Vick and move the football.  So far in the preseason, they have shown that they cannot do that.

Of course, it is only preseason and it may not matter.   However, it has not been an overly encouraging three games for the Eagles.