Finchem's Foolish Foible: 36 or 54 Holes at the Barclays

Bermuda BobAnalyst IIAugust 26, 2011

If you were a fan who paid top dollar for your tickets, or you were a supplier who expected to have a full tournament accompaniment of sales, or someone else depending on seeing a full event, what would you be thinking of Timmy Finchem's decision to cut the event short at 36 or 54 holes?

Would you be thinking of the altruism, or of your losses?

...and if you were a player who didn't get to finish his round on Thursday, finishing it today and having to play the second round as well...would you be happy with the tournament being decided after only 36 holes?

...and if you were not able to finish your Round Saturday because Hurricane Irene's leading edge was bearing down on New Jersey, but you were playing "lights out" golf, would you be happy with the tournament being decided after only 36 holes?

No, No ... a thousand times NO !

Timmy, why not quit the tournament today with the cut and send everyone home while they might still get there, then bring the players who made the cut back for a 36-hole shootout for the FedEx Cup championship after all the other events?

Don't the fans deserve a full tournament?

Don't the suppliers deserve the earnings of a full tournament?

Don't the players deserve a full tournament?

Doesn't the FedEx Championship deserve a fully competition?

Yes, Hurricane Irene looks like a rotten "Mutha" (that's "Joisey" speak that means just what you think it means), but why not think of people now and still honour your commitment to the community, the fans, the suppliers and the players, Timmy?

You went OB on this one, by only thinking it through halfway!