Colt McCoy vs. Graham Harrell: Who's the Better Texas Gunslinger?

Bleacher Report Senior Writer INovember 15, 2008

Graham Harrell and Colt McCoy. Graham Harrell and Colt McCoy. Before continuing the article, ask yourself: who's the better quarterback? Then ask yourself: who's the better player?

Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell has led the Red Raiders to a 10-0 record and No. 2 ranking in the AP poll. He hasn't done it against scrubs, either. He has faced some very respectable teams, such as Nevada (6-4), Massachusetts (6-5), Texas A&M (4-7) and Kansas State (4-7).

He has faced some good teams, such as Nebraska (7-4) and Kansas (6-5) and has done it against some great teams, such as Texas (10-1) and Oklahoma State (9-2).

Harrell has had only one bad game, and it was obvious that it was a result of rust. He was just 19-for-46 with 297 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. Since, he has thrown two interceptions. That was in early September. Yikes!

In a huge victory over No. 9 Oklahoma State last weekend, Harrell was 40-for-50 with 456 yards and six touchdown passes.

The week before that, he was 36-for-53 with 474 yards and two TDs against then No. 1 Texas.

The weekend before that, he was 34-for-42 with 386 yards and five touchdowns against Kansas.

Harrell's Red Raiders will not play this weekend, and that's definitely a good thing for Big 12 defenses.

Texas quarterback Colt McCoy's performance is nothing to look down on. Right now, he is a Heisman favorite and has led the Longhorns to a 10-1 record. McCoy is 244-for-313 (amazing 78.0 completion percentage) with 2,879 yards, 28 touchdowns and just seven interceptions.

Today, he beat a very respectable Kansas team, 35-7. In the game, McCoy was 24-for-34 with 255 yards, two touchdowns and also rushed for 78 yards and a touchdown on 16 attempts.

McCoy has also beat very respectable, good and even great teams. He crushed UTEP (4-5), Rice (7-3), Arkansas (4-6), Colorado (5-5) and today, Kansas (6-5).

He has beaten ranked teams such as Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Missouri by a combined score of 129-90. In those games, McCoy was 95-for-112 with 1,005 yards, five touchdowns and just one interception.

In my opinion, Harrell is the better gunslinger, but McCoy is a better football player. McCoy can make things happen with his legs (117 carries, 527 yards, 8 TD) while Harrell has not had as much success on the ground (28 carries, -5 yards, 6 TD).

Harrell's arm is incredible and he has 4,077 yards, 36 touchdowns and a mere five interceptions with games coming up against Oklahoma and Baylor.

Harrell, to go with the beyond-belief arm, has four great targets with Michael Crabtree (78 catches, 1010 yards, 18 TD), Detron Lewis (57 catches, 730 yards, 1 TD), Eric Morris (56 catches, 595 yards, 6 TD) and Edward Britton (29 catches, 482 yards, 4 TD).

Also, it's easier for a guy like Harrell to succeed through the air, considering the Red Raiders leading rusher has only 93 carries. Texas has an up-and-coming running back in Chris Ogbannaya and a great fullback in Cody Johnson.

Also, they have McCoy, who can make plays with his legs. So, they don't need McCoy's arm as much as the Raiders need Harrell's arm.

My verdict: Harrell is the better QB, and McCoy is the better player.

Now, you decide.