Has Jeff Hardy Found His Way To The WWE Title?

Martin BentleyCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008

Whilst Jeff Hardy has had an eventful 2008, you could well argue he's had a very interesting couple of months in particular.

Following on from a failed tint at the WWE Title against Randy Orton at the Royal Rumble, his 60 day suspension and the tragedy of his house burning down, resulting in the death of his dog, both inside and outside of the ring, Hardy has hardly been out of the news.

At various points of the Championship Scramble at Unforgiven in September, Hardy was the "current" WWE Champion, including the last few seconds of the match, where he had Shelton Benjamin beaten, however, he was slow in covering Benjamin, allowing Triple H to Pedigree MVP, pinning him and keeping his title.

A month later at No Mercy, Hardy had a one-on-one shot at Triple H's championship, but came up short once again. In between those two matches, Hardy was held up at Nashville Airport for appearing to be drunk, an incident some thought would lead to Hardy being fired by WWE, but the company stood by him.

A few weeks ago at Cyber Sunday, Hardy was awarded another shot at the WWE Title via a fan vote, and managed to hit his patented Swanton Bomb on Triple H - however, he did not go for the cover that would have surely won him the title, and instead went for another Swanton Bomb, allowing Triple H to recover, hit the Pedigree, and retain the title. And with the announcement that Triple H would be defending the WWE Title against Vladimir Kozlov at Survivor Series, it appeared that Hardy was bound to return to the mid-card.

No-one appeared to tell Jeff Hardy, however. Over the past couple of weeks, Hardy's character has taken a new, interesting direction, which started with Hardy taking out various wrestlers, including John Morrison, The Miz, Kozlov and The Undertaker.

On last night's SmackDown, Hardy unveiled a brand new sinister look, covered in face paint, and giving out a Sting/Joker vibe, talking about living in a shade of grey and using frustration and recklessness to beat his opponents with. Later in the show, he clotheslined Kozlov through a table, and tore the contract up in Triple H's face, showing a complete disregard to the champion.

Then in the main event, Hardy took on The Undertaker in an Extreme Rules match, and in a rare occurrence, got almost the entire arena's support against the usually popular Deadman.

Hardy put in the performance of his career against The Undertaker, and albeit with assistance from The Big Show—who Hardy also attacked—Hardy ended up defeating The Undertaker, and next week on SmackDown, he faces Triple H for the right to add himself into the WWE Title match at the Survivor Series.

With his new personality, Hardy might scare some of his very young fanbase, but in my opinion, he'll earn plenty of new fans with his tweener attitude, feuding with every main eventer on SmackDown, and I have a feeling he may end up feuding with his brother Matt down the road if this angle develops the way I think it will.

Many ask if Jeff Hardy ever will win the WWE Title, coming so close on no less than five occasions, including a ladder match defeat against The Undertaker in 2002, and some originally said that if he was going to win the title, he'd have done so by now.

But with this new direction he's taking, I believe Jeff Hardy will indeed win the WWE Title, possibly by the end of the year, maybe even by the Survivor Series...that's if he defeats Triple H next week. And yes I know the match has already been taped, but I'll keep some kayfabe!