WWE: Why They Need to Tread Lightly in the Coming Months

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 26, 2011

WWE has been on a great roll as of late on RAW with the two storylines that feature C.M Punk, Kevin Nash, and Triple H, and Alberto Del Rio having to deal with John Cena who is challenging for the WWE title.

The ratings may not have spoken volumes but that is because the NFL is back and they need to combat them throughout the fall on Monday Night Football. C.M Punk and John Cena are always the biggest draws and their audiences are flocking in in big numbers when they are on the television screen.

That states that most people only care about these two storylines and tune out whenever they are gone. This is something that should be alarming for WWE considering that means people are not really interested in anyone else. This should be a red light for them and they should get on it pronto.

Right now the plan is to use mostly the Punk and Nash storyline against the NFL. 

Why only this?

Why not WWE build their roster so that the entire show is must see instead of just one or two storylines? The product can only get better from this and it is not a secret that the WWE has a big mid-card problem. WWE has a weak Tag Team Division, a Divas Division that has no one's attention, and a lot of superstars that are being underutilized.

How about using them?

WWE just needs to keep the feud between Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly going and put the title on her if they want anyone to be interested in it. 

The Miz and R-Truth have formed "Awesome Truth" and have promised to raise hell in the company. They are tired of not being used and being treated like crap. Not only are they not going to take it anymore but they are going to strike any chance they get.

This is a step in the right direction but this can easily be destroyed as fast as it has been formed. If WWE makes just one mistake with this group, it can doom them. 

From what they claimed it appears they are going to be targeting C.M Punk and John Cena since they hold the spotlight. Triple H is someone else they may cross the line with and would make for some interesting television for if and when they do.

That makes three great storylines for WWE to roll with heading into the fall and they all are promising. 

This is not enough.

This still leaves people like John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, Alex Riley, and Drew McIntyre with nothing to do. The sad part about that is Dolph Ziggler is the United States champion and not much attention has been drawn to it, even with Alex Riley as a good opponent for it.  

Jack Swagger formed with Vickey to bring himself into the picture with WWE, also a step in the right direction.

With everything WWE is doing right it can quickly go sour. For example, The Miz and R-Truth go and start attacking the mid-card for being pushed and not them. This seems logical but the wrong move to make because WWE would just be pushing those guys lower than they are already.

WWE would be using them to act as jobbers for Miz and Truth and that will make little to no impact for the WWE. Attacking the higher up would be much more effective as it adds to the unpredictability going on. It add them to the mix and suddenly both the storylines just got bigger.

They are a tag team as well now. Putting them in the tag title picture would not be a bad idea.

The Jack Swagger situation could easily go sour because Jack Swagger is not a main event guy. One bad match with him and the rug can be pulled out from underneath him. What WWE should do is keep him in the United States picture because it now gives credibility to it with so many people going after it.

Having John Morrison and Drew McIntyre form a tag team would be something the fans would not expect and would make a tremendous combination. It would give the tag team division a big lift until Triple H can get actual tag teams into the WWE to compete.

They would give "Awesome Truth", "Altitude Era", and The Nexus tag team a run for their money and would breathe newer life into it. Tornado Tag Team matches could make a big return along with TLC. Every one of these guys know how to compete for the titles and watching them in those matches would be incredible. 

These simple suggestions would make RAW must see because of so much going on at once and making all the titles meaningful without taking away anyone's credibility or making them look bad. Everyone benefits and has their time to shine. 

As I said though, WWE must tread lightly going into this fall because making one mistake in any of those departments could make them falter back and cause people to lose interest.

WWE cannot keep their entire audience with just one or two major storylines for the entire fall. If they are smart not only do they know this but they will have already acted on it. They have made a few good moves in the right direction and I can only hope they continue to head down that road going forward. 

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