Derek Jeter: It's His World, We Just Pay Rent

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistAugust 26, 2011

Derek Jeter: It's His World, We Just Pay Rent

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    I woke up in Derek Jeter's shoes today.  Fortunately he had already left for the morning so I didn't get arrested.

    I kid.

    Seriously Derek Jeter is having an interesting year.  Some folks thought this might be the end of his career as he had a contentious battle with the New York Yankees over a new contract.

    But alas, all was fine with the world as he got millions more to stay a member of the Evil Empire.

    But now that news broke that he broke up with Lyla Garrity aka Eve French (Charlies Angels) and I said to myself: "Derek, is this the most tumultuous year of your career?"

    And since it wasn't Derek looking back at me in the mirror, I didn't get an answer. But here's my look at Derek Jeter's 2011 so far.

    (Keep in mind I am a Red Sox fan, who might or might not have a "bromance" going with Jeter. Well, not with him.  Just with his dating resume).

Derek Jeter: New Year's Day

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    In 2010 Jeter took Minka Kelly to St. Barths to celebrate the New Year and possibly get ready for their impending marriage.

    After signing his big contract extension in December, you would think he would've bought her an island as an engagement gift, but curiously enough there was very little mention of his New Year's plans this year.

February: Friday Night Lights Finale

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    Instead of working out to get ready for the season, I imagine DJ was hanging out hugging Minka and watching the finale on Direct TV.  They probably hosted a party, invited Cam Diaz and A-Rod and cried together...

    Texas forever, Derek.

    Texas forever.  And maybe in five games this fall in the ALDS, but later for that.

Early Spring: Both Stars Doing What They Do

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    While Jeter was going through spring drills, Minka was going to some premiere somewhere.  Don't have the details but she was looking really nice in this pic.

    No word if the break up was sudden or not.  But the fact that they both had really busy schedules is said to have played a major part in it.

    The next guy is probably going to try really hard to deal with her sked if she continues looking like this.

Late May: Passing Rickey Henderson

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    No one took his base stealing more seriously than Rickey Henderson.  But in his quest to obliterate every Yankee record ever, Jeter broke Rickey's Yankee record for stolen bases to become the best Yankee at that...

    This guy is pretty good.  Although he could've made more money this spring if he signed with Boston.

    ...Just saying.

Mid June: The Injury

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    And then it happened.

    The Yankee captain got hurt

    The Yankees put him on the 15 day disabled list and everyone wondered when would the right calf get better?  How long would his quest for 3,000 hits be on hold?  Would doctors have to amputate and put in a robotic right calf to help him finish the journey?

    But like everything else in DJ's life, he was back in no time and the quest continued.

Early July: Back to the Minors with You

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    Before he could come back to the bigs, Jeter had to prove that his legs still worked.  And being that cameras follow him everywhere, here is Jeter posing for a vintage Coke poster.

    Actually he lives as one big old school ad about how life is great.

    That poor kid can never wash that hand again.

July 9, 2011: Mr. 3000

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    So Jeter decides to break 3000 hits in style. How much style?  How about a homerun?  Why did he hit a homerun you ask?

    Because HBO said so (more on that later) and because he is Derek Jeter, that's why.

July 28, 2011: HBO Introduces the Captain to the World

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    So three weeks after the historic day, HBO aired a behind the scenes documentary about the magical day.  It was HBO so you know it was good and there were candid moments that made it worth the time.

    I recommend you seeing it.  Then, like me, you can go back to hating him.

    I kid.

August 25, 2011: Minka Gone

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    So all that leads us to right now.  Though she was a big presence in the HBO doc as well as in Mr. Jeter's life, Minka is no longer the wife-to-be.

    According to all accounts it was an amicable split.

    We'll miss you, Lyla.

    But now the question every is asking, what comes first...

    Jeter walking down the aisle or his 4000th hit?

    And no this isn't Minka hailing a cab as Jeter boots her.