IMPACT Power Rankings: Top 10 Contenders for August: The List Gets Ass-Tastic

Charlie GSenior Writer IAugust 26, 2011

IMPACT Power Rankings: Top 10 Contenders for August: The List Gets Ass-Tastic

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    TNA used to have their own power rankings. It was called the "Top 10 Contenders." 

    I will rank the contenders based on what occurs on IMPACT or pay-per-view events.

    The top 10 list will be released monthly.

    For the June edition, click here. Simple enough, just a click away.

    Now it is time to see which IMPACT wrestlers found success last month.

    Here are the top 10 contenders for the month of August.

10. Winter

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    Record: 1-0

    Accomplishment: Winning the Knockouts Championship at Hardcore Justice

    You may be wondering how Winter is only clocked in at number 10.

    I hardly remember seeing Winter wrestle this month on IMPACT.

    Winter did win the Knockouts title from Mickie James at Hardcore Justice, but the win didn't come clean. Winter spit some sort of mist or blood in Mickie's face in order to win.

    For the dirty finish, I'm putting her lower on the list. 

9. Bully Ray

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    Record: 2-1

    Accomplishment: Defeating Mr. Anderson at Hardcore Justice

    Bully Ray picked up another win when it really mattered.

    Bully beat Anderson in a brutal match at Hardcore Justice. The win didn't come clean for Bully Ray, though. He cheated to beat Anderson, but a win's a win.

    Bully also had two BFG matches on IMPACT.

    The first he lost in a four corners match to Crimson, but redeemed his loss this past week in a Falls Count Anywhere match.

    Bully got the win easily in the six-man tag.

    His partners, Gunner and Steiner, took out Beer Money, and Immortal had AJ Styles three on one. The numbers eventually caught up with AJ, and it was Bully Ray that secured the pin.

8. Austin Aries

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    Record: 2-1

    Accomplishment: Won an eight-man gauntlet match

    Austin Aries started the month off with a nice win over Alex Shelley. Aries got the W after a good clean match.

    Aries would also be in the X Division title match at Hardcore Justice. There, he was dominant in the match, but Shelley and Kendrick proved to be too much for Aries to handle.

    After a Brain Buster on Shelley, Aries looked to win the match, but Kendrick stole the win to retain his belt.

    Winning an eight-man gauntlet may sound impressive, but it wasn't too impressive on Aries' part.

    Austin Aries was the last man in the match and his opponent was Jesse Sorensen. Sorensen had previously eliminated three other X Division guys and was just dropped on his head by Kid Kash and his Moneymaker.

    All Aries did was walk into the ring, hit Sorensen with a Brain Buster and win.

    Aries' other two matches were good, but he hardly did anything in the gauntlet match.

7. Mickie James

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    Record: 2-1

    Accomplishment: Number one contender for Knockouts title

    Mickie did lose her title to Winter at Hardcore Justice, but I'm placing her higher than Winter on this list.

    Winter's win didn't come clean, but Mickie picked up the pace after dropping the title.

    Mickie defeated Madison Rayne to earn a number-one contenders' spot against Winter next month. Mickie also defeated ODB on IMPACT this month.

    Two clean victories for Mickie keeps her in the running this month.

6. Mexican America

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    Record: 2-1

    Accomplishment: Winning the Tag Team titles 

    Mexican America had a tag team win and a singles win this month.

    Hernandez defeated Bobby Roode in a Street Fight this month, and the team had two Tag Team title matches this month.

    Mexican America lost to Beer Money at Hardcore Justice but last week received a rematch and won the Tag Team championships. 

Half Time

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    It's about that time.

    Half time!

    Is Sarita still hot even with her mask?


    Go ahead. Take a bathroom break, get something to eat or keep reading. It's half time. Do whatever.

    Check out the Enigmatic Generation of Wrestling.

    Check out the custom EGW Wallpapers.

    Check out the new ShopTNA website.

    Check out the updated BFG Series Leaderboards.

    Watch all the past footage of Eric Young's trip to Hollywood and search for Scott Baio. There's already five parts to EY's trip on the IMPACT Wrestling website.

    Watch the IMPACT Wrestling post show with Kid Kash.

    Have you ever wondered who the highest paid Knockout is?

    Power Slam magazine reports that Mickie James and Christy Hemme are the highest paid. The girls make more than $100,000 a year.

    Other Knockouts such as Madison Rayne, Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Sarita, Rosita, ODB, Jackie and all the other women only make about $600 or less for an appearance.

    Karen Jarrett's earnings weren't mentioned, but she commands more than average pay.

    You bet the Knockouts are pissed that a ring announcer, not even a good one, gets paid way more than the actual wrestlers themselves.

    To read the full report, and, trust me, you do, click here.

    Earlier this month, multi-time X Division Champion, Amazing Red, asked for his release after Creative said they have nothing for him.

    Now it is reported that IMPACT officials decided not to renew Cookie's contract. That's most likely the reason why Robbie E was looking for a new manager in Rob Terry.

    Cookie is officially gone from IMPACT Wrestling.

    TNA Knockout Velvet Sky announced via Twitter that she supports the use of marijuana, which should come as no surprise since she is dating Chris Sabin. I had my thoughts about Velvet smoking and getting high but now it's confirmed...pot head.

    It's said that there was 3,000 to 3,500 people in the IMPACT Zone for this past week's show. 

    Jeff Hardy stated via Twitter that it is time to go back to work. Hardy was backstage at IMPACT tapings and was said to be in good spirits.

    Jeff's brother, Matt Hardy, is in a bit of trouble. Matt was arrested for DWI, fired from IMPACT Wrestling and taken to an ER. It is also said that Matt's girlfriend Reby Sky received a contract from Lucha Libre USA.

    In other news, former WWE star Melina acted as a manager for TNA wrestler Eric Young at Saturday's Family Wrestling Entertainment in NYC. Young defeated Charlie Haas and Jay Lethal to become FWE Heavyweight Champion.

A**hole of the Month

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    Welcome to the new segment, A-hole of the month. I'll be judging the monthly actions of the heels in IMPACT Wrestling, and one person will be named A**hole of the month.

    This months top picks are Jerry Lynn, Bully Ray, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe.

    Jerry Lynn cost RVD two BFG Series matches. Lynn's interference in RVD's matches cost RVD two losses by DQ which also took 20 points from RVD.

    Bully Ray is the leader of not one but two beat downs on Ken Anderson. Bully beaten, bloodied and injured Anderson. Bully also told other Immortal BFG Series contestants to roll over while he becomes World Champion.

    Kurt Angle vowed to take out all the young talent in IMPACT Wrestling. He didn't get the job done against his first target, Crimson, thus making him the least qualified for the role.

    Samoa Joe has been attacking anyone he wants at any time he wants. Joe took out Devon, Pope and, now BFG Series leader, Crimson. Joe is definitely causing problems in the first ever BFG Series and injured three people already.

    Samoa Joe is your A**hole of the Month.

Question of the Month

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    This is the first ever:

    Question of the Month

    A new segment where I will ask questions about past events on IMPACT for the given month.

    This month's question:

    How many victories by roll-up pin falls happened in August?

    For a bonus point, who were all the people that won by pin fall? 

5. Beer Money

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    Record: 2-1

    Accomplishment: Defeating Mexican America at Hardcore Justice

    Beer Money did lose their Tag titles after a record setting reign, but that didn't stop them from having a pretty good month of August.

    The duo defeated the teams of AJ Styles & RVD and Pope & Devon in a BFG Series match. Beer Money also successfully defended their belts at the Hardcore Justice pay-per-view.

    The team's only loss came just last week when Mexican America beat Beer Money, with help of Sarita and Rosita, to win the Tag titles.

    Storm and Roode are still going strong in IMPACT.

    Both guys are in the top four in the BFG Series with the Final Four being officially announced next week. 

4. Brian Kendrick

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    Record: 2-0

    Accomplishment: Two successful title defenses

    Kendrick wrestled twice this month and both times had to put his X Division title on the line.

    BK defeated Robbie E prior to Hardcore Justice after a communication problem between Robbie and Cookie. Kendrick hit Robbie with a Sliced Bread to get the win.

    Hardcore Justice looked to be Kendrick's toughest challenge yet as Austin Aries and Alex Shelley looked to take home the gold.

    After Aries KO'd Shelley with a Brain Buster, Kendrick hit Aries with a Sliced Bread to get the win. Austin Aries is next in line for a title shot and won't be an easy challenge.

    Kendrick's title reign is definitely growing on me.

3. Brooke Tessmacher

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    Record: 3-0

    Accomplishment: Defending Knockouts Tag titles at Hardcore Justice

    Brooke Tessmacher has definitely flown under the radar this month. Really good for Brooke.

    Tessmacher defeated Madison Rayne in the beginning of the month before receiving a post-match beat down, but that wouldn't stop her.

    Tessmacher and Tara successfully defended their Knockouts Tag titles in a great match against Sarita and Rosita at Hardcore Justice.

    Brooke and Tara ended their month with a clean win over ODB and Jackie.

    This team of Brooke and Tara has been great this month.

2. Kurt Angle

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    Record: 1-1

    Accomplishment: Winning the Heavyweight Championship

    Anytime someone wins the World title you can expect them to be in the top three, if not the one spot.

    The thing that is stopping Kurt from number one was his way of winning the World title. That and someone's undefeated streak (spoiler alert).

    Angle used a chair to secure his World title win and looked to have aligned himself with Immortal.

    This past IMPACT, Kurt Angle was on the verge of a defeat against red-hot Crimson, but Samoa Joe interfered, costing Crimson a clean win.

    Not even Kurt Angle can end this rookie's winning streak. This rookie is also the number one contender this month.

1. Crimson

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    Record: 4-0

    Accomplishment: Won three BFG Series matches, beat Kurt Angle

    Crimson still remains unbeaten and on this list.

    Crimson has beaten everyone there is now. Nobody can end his streak.

    He faced and defeated guys like AJ Styles, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe, Abyss, Bully Ray, Gunner, RVD and many more.

    Can this guy be stopped?

    Crimson teamed with RVD prior to Hardcore Justice in a BFG Series match where RVD secured the pin fall for seven points.

    The two guys then faced off at Hardcore Justice in a one vs. two match.

    Crimson was going to get a win by pin fall, but Jerry Lynn jumped in and Crimson won by DQ.

    Immortal tried to snap Crimson's streak by placing him in a four corners match with Bully Ray, Gunner and Scott Steiner. Crimson overcame the odds and picked up another seven points.

    Most recently, Crimson faced World Champion Kurt Angle. Crimson was about to win by pin fall but Samoa Joe caused a DQ win for Crimson.

Knockouts Picture of the Month

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    That does it for this month's edition of Top 10 Contenders.

    Here's a picture of "Powerfully Hot" Tara for the Knockouts Pic of the Month.

    Thanks for reading and 'til next time.