Big Men Need Big Gimmicks: Can Kevin Nash & Kane Get Over in Today's WWE?

Justin HollowayCorrespondent IAugust 26, 2011

John Laurinaitis & Kevin Nash have a talk...
John Laurinaitis & Kevin Nash have a talk...

I think it's true that all big men need a big gimmick. Not to say it has to be out of this world or monstrous. They just need to catch (usually done with size alone) and keep the interest of Pro Wrestling's loyal fan base. Today I'm taking a very brief look at two of today's most influential big men: Kane & Kevin "Big Sexy" Nash.

Glenn Jacobs had a rough start in the WWE, going through several gimmicks leading up to The Big Red Machine. But once he had a character he was comfortable living with, it clicked and the Pro Wrestling world latched on. Kane has been a destructive force since day one, decimating all who stepped in the ring with him. Even if he didn't win every match, he was a force to be reckoned with. I personally enjoy the athleticism and agility he brings to the table in almost every match. For a near seven-footer he moves smoothly and keeps up with most all of his opponents. (That's saying something for a guy his size.)

A lot of Kane's fans are partial to his time under the mask and in the full red getup. I enjoyed it as well, although the promos left something to be desired. But that's just as much creative's fault due to the voice box decision. When he changed to the open-mouthed mask I was kind of like, "Oh, OK, yeah. It makes him seem a bit more human. Gives more depth to the character & room to grow." Then he took the mask off completely...

To be honest, I wanted a major gimmick change at this point. I would have preferred him to go off on a promo the next week about how he's come to actually become a part of the character. Having to do the things Kane did week after week. Given the orders by Vince McMahon made him eventually discover the joy of being a homicidal maniac. This way we get away from the 'Undertaker's Burned Up Brother" storyline and get to know something a bit closer to Glenn's own dark side.

Now, the last time we saw Kane was when Mark Henry attacked him, "injuring" his leg. Just before this we heard a few promos from Kane noting that he'd been feeling more human lately. Could this be a gimmick change in the works? I personally hope so.

Meanwhile, Kevin Nash is making a comeback as we speak. He's been working the independent circuit on and off for some time and from recent interviews has noted to have enjoyed the flexible schedule it brought. There's evidence of an upcoming PPV match with CM Punk to serve as his first singles competition in the WWE for nearly eight years now. He looks to be in reasonable shape, and once we get a little deeper into this storyline I'm sure the promos will start to flow more naturally. I hope to see at least a few matches between the two, culminating in a gimmick match of some sort down the road.

There's only one thing to do at this point. Wait and see how it goes. Thanks for reading.