Videos of the NFL's 5 Best Pregame Hype Speeches

Kyle BrownCorrespondent IIIAugust 26, 2011

Videos of the NFL's 5 Best Pregame Hype Speeches

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    You've heard them before.

    Pregame hype speeches are somewhat of a ritual in the NFL and are used to rally the troops before they charge into battle.

    Some players have the gift of motivational speaking and no one demonstrates that better than Ray Lewis and Brian Dawkins.

    I mean, if I get pumped up watching Ray Lewis scream his head off through the TV, I can only imagine how it affects the players who are close enough to feel the spit coming out of his mouth.

    Here are the videos of the best pregame hype speeches in the NFL.

Honorable Mention: Al Pacino's Inch-by-Inch Speech

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    I know, this is from the movie Any Given Sunday, which is about a fictional football league.

    Nonetheless, it was a great movie and this speech made the hairs on the back of my neck stick straight up.

    It's a little lengthy but well worth your time. 

Brian Dawkins

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    Brian Dawkins could very well be the best in the business when it comes to pregame speeches.

    In this particular video, Dawkins starts off quite nicely with some inspiring words.

    However, he goes on to screaming things I don't think even his teammates could understand.

    But hey, maybe that was his point, because gibberish or not, that sure got me pumped up.

Ray Lewis

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    Ray Lewis was born to play football.

    I also think he was born to be a preacher and somehow found a way to integrate both of his callings into one job.

    If you don't get goosebumps from this video, you must not have a pulse.

Drew Brees

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    So first you have the hard-hitting safety Brian Dawkins screaming his head off.

    Then, you have the merciless Ray Lewis preaching to his troops.

    Finally, you have Drew Brees, who might not look like the poster boy when it comes to pregame speeches.

    However, don't let his looks deceive you because Brees sounds like he's been doing this since Pop Warner.

    And yes, if that chant sounds familiar to you, you have heard it before from somewhere else; it's the Spartan chant from the movie 300

Keith Brooking

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    Keith Brooking gave his pregame speech a valiant effort.

    There were some pauses in the beginning but he surely made up for it in the end.

    "We're gonna hit them in the mouth!"

    "We're gonna bloody their nose!"

    "We're gonna knock em' on the ground!"

    It was a little unconventional, but it got his teammates fired up, which is all that matters in the end.

John Henderson

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    This might not be a motivational speech before the game, but it sure pumped up John Henderson.

    I dare you to watch this entire video without laughing. I definitely can't do it.

    Cover your ears children!