Freddie's Folly: Naming Tiger Woods to President's Club Team

Bermuda BobAnalyst IIAugust 25, 2011

Freddie Couples has announced that he has decided to name you know who to the Presidents Cup Team for their competition in Australia.

Freddie, Freddie, Freddie, what on Earth were you thinking?

It was only recently that you stated that Tiger needed to be playing more.  Plus, you had over a month before you had to make your Captain's picks.  

Tiger is still the guy who played Firestone—a course he virtually owned—in mediocre fashion, and then stunk up the PGA in Atlanta, missing the cut by plenty.  

"When you're the best player in the world for 12 straight years and you're not on a team, there's something wrong,"    

Well, Freddie, Tiger has not been the best player in the world for a few years now, and not shown that he is capable of returning to that form any time soon, so to use your own words, "...there's something wrong."

Very wrong!

Representing your country is supposed to be reserved for the best players, but when you put someone on the team who clearly is not currently one of the best, then you cheapen the team and the other captain's pick you are making.   

You have disappointed everyone who, like me, thought your appointment was such a wonderful one.