Washington Redskins: Politics, Religion, and the Great QB Debate of 2011

Orly Rios Jr.Analyst IIAugust 25, 2011

The Redskins are currently in a quarterback battle between Rex Grossman and John Beck.
The Redskins are currently in a quarterback battle between Rex Grossman and John Beck.

Washington may be the heart of the federal government, but as we speak, there is a great debate going on in the nation's capital, and it has nothing to do with politics or religion.

Right now, an epic quarterback battle is ongoing between former first-round pick Rex Grossman and former second-round pick John Beck.

Grossman, a former University of Florida standout, is known more for his inconsistent play on the field than the rocket on his right arm.

A year after leading the Chicago Bears to the Super Bowl in 2006, Grossman was benched due to inconsistencies and turnovers.

On his second team in the NFL since 2008, Grossman shocked many last season with an unexpected but spectacular performance against the Dallas Cowboys in which Grossman brought the Redskins back from a 20-point deficit and nearly pulled off an improbable win, throwing for 322 yards and four touchdowns.

In the offseason the Redskins traded away starting quarterback Donovan McNabb to Minnesota in favor of going with the upstart Grossman and the new kid on the block, John Beck.

Beck, who spent a couple of years doing mission work for the Mormon Church, entered the 2007 NFL Draft as a 26-year-old rookie and was subsequently taken in the second round by the Miami Dolphins.

Beck played in just five games before riding the bench, by 2008 he fell to third on the depth chart, and at seasons end he was out of Miami.

After a one-year stint with the Baltimore Ravens, seeing no action, Beck was dealt to the Washington Redskins, once again finding himself buried deep on the depth chart behind Grossman and McNabb.

With McNabb gone and head coach Mike Shanahan passing on drafting a quarterback, the battle between Grossman and Beck was on.

Through three preseason games for Grossman and two for Beck, both are neck and neck in their battle for the starting job.

Against the Colts Beck finished 14 of 17 for 140 yards.

In the preseason opener, Grossman shredded the Pittsburgh Steelers, completing 19 of 26 passes for 207 yards and a touchdown.

Thursday night against the Baltimore Ravens, both Beck and Grossman finished with QB ratings of 90 or better, and each fired a touchdown pass.

Grossman has the rifle arm, Super Bowl experience, and in many ways overall NFL experience.

Beck is smart and mobile, but he has only five NFL games under his belt.

Already, reports from Redskins camp are speculating that Beck is the frontrunner, yet Grossman is the one who has shined the brightest in the preseason.

Lastly—and maybe more importantly—both quarterbacks are coached by one of the best offensive-minded coaches in the league, Mike Shanahan, who in return helped both Steve Young and John Elway win Super Bowls.

With still one preseason game left, no decision has yet been made as to who will be under center when the Redskins open up their season against the New York Giants

One thing is clear, however: If both quarterbacks continue to put up the preseason numbers they have been putting up, perhaps the Redskins' quarterback problem may be their biggest strength, with both Beck and Grossman sharing time.