Philadelphia Phillies Favorites: Greatest Games

Ryan SmithCorrespondent INovember 15, 2008

If you've read some of my previous articles, I'm sure you've realized I am a Phillies fan. This next article will be the first of about eight or 10, all with the title "Phillies Favorites". It will include Phillies' Greatest Plays, Players, Pitchers, Games, etc.  

The greatest games in Phillies history. It was hard to narrow down, but I think I've got it. The earliest year I could find box scores to was 1957, so it may not be completely accurate.


1. World Champs (Oct. 21, 1980) Final Score: 4-1

Highlights: The Phillies won their first World Series! The only reason why this wasn't number one was because (1) No one expected the 1950 Phillies to go to the World Series (2) They're wasn't as many exciting plays as in the other one. Greatest moment in Phillies history, just not the greatest game.


2. Wiz Kids Conquer (Sept. 30, 1950) Final Score: 3-1

Highlights: This is my number one because the Phillies captured their first pennant in 35 years. Robin Roberts dominated the Brooklyn Dodgers and their was late inning heroics from Dick Sisler.

In the bottom of the ninth, Richie Ashburn preserved a 1-1 tie when he threw Carl Furrillo out at the plate. In the top of the 10th, Sisler hit a three-run home run to take the lead and Roberts finished the Dodgers off in the bottom half.


3. The Curse Is Lifted (Oct. 27, 2008) Final Score: 4-3

Highlights: Phillies second WS title. This is a no doubter. The suspense was killing everyone as they announced that rain delay. Brad Lidge struck out Eric Hinske for the final out and the Phils were the Champs!


4. A Perfect Father’s Day (June 21, 1964) Final Score: 6-0

Highlights: Jim Bunning pitched the only perfect game in Phillies history. He fanned 10 Mets batters and became one of four pitchers to throw a no-hitter in both leagues. Johnny Callison also homered in the sixth inning.


5. Crazy Comeback (June 8, 1989) Final Score: 15-11

Highlights: In the top of the first inning, the Pittsburgh Pirates scored 10 runs in the first inning. The Phillies managed to comeback after their pitching bounced back. They allowed one run in the other eight innings. The Phillies came back to win with help from a four-run sixth and a five-run eighth.

The Phillies' starting pitcher, Larry McWilliams, lasted on one-third of an inning. Pirates announcer Jim Rooker said that “if we lose this game, I’ll walk home.” Since they lost, Rooker walked the 315 miles from Philly to Pittsburgh during the offseason, but turned it into a charity event.


6. Nine Run Ninth (Aug. 21, 1990) Final Score: 12-11

Highlights: As I’m sure you can tell, in this game the Phillies scored nine runs in the ninth inning. The game was close up until the fifth inning when the Los Angeles Dodgers scored 8 runs. The Phillies scored two runs in the eighth which made the score 11-3. Right away in the ninth the Phils went off.

The inning ended but not before John Kruk hit a three-run pinch hit home run, which gave the Phillies a one run lead. 


7. The Wait Is Over (Sept. 30, 2007) Final Score: 6-1

Highlights: This was a great game is many ways. First of all, the Phils clinched their first division title since 1993 on the last day of the season. Secondly, they beat the Mets. Jamie Moyer pitched well and the Phillies’ hitters played the way they should.


8. Crazy Day in Chicago (May 17, 1979) Final Score: 23-22

Highlights: With the wind blowing out at Wrigley Field, anything can happen. The Phillies scored 23 runs thanks to home runs by Bob Boone, Mike Schmidt Garry Maddox, and Randy Lerch. The Phils scored seven runs in the first and eight runs in the third. The Cubs scored seven runs in the fifth but it wasn’t enough.


9. Battle with the Mets (Aug. 30, 2007) Final Score: 11-10

Highlights: I’m sure most Phillies fans remember this one. After winning the first three games in the series, the Phils were looking for a sweep. They went into the eighth inning with an 8-5 lead, but blew it when they allowed five runs.

They scored one run in the eighth and held the Mets at where they were. In the bottom of the ninth, they scored two runs off Billy Wagner to win the game.


10. First Postseason Win (Oct. 8, 1915) Final Score: 3-1

Highlights: The Phillies won their first ever World Series game. It was thanks to Pete Alexander’s strong performance on the mound and RBIs by Gavvy Cravath, Fred Luderus, and Possum Whitted. They lost the Series. The margin of loss in each game they lost was one run.