NASCAR: Controversial Keselowski Tweets on Danica Patrick Announcement

Luke KrmpotichContributor IIAugust 25, 2011

Brad Keselowski just had to get in his two cents following Danica Patrick's announcement Thursday that the driver will be moving to NASCAR full time in 2012.

Taking to Twitter later Thursday, Keselowski noted that some of the best racers he competed against in quarter midgets were girls but how many weren't able to move on to higher levels of racing.

Keselowski stated that Patrick's "assent up the ladder of the sport thru various branding 'techniques' (swimsuit ads etc) only serves to undermine the...future credibility of female races who wish to make it based on skill, mental toughness and a never give up attitude.  That to me is wrong. Essentially, she has opened a pandoras box for all female racers. If she doesn't succeed, no female will get the chance for years to come."

Many NASCAR fans are likely to agree with Keslowski's views on Patrick.  But was it really a good idea for him to put his opinions out there in such a manner?

Keselowski is battling for a spot in the Chase and gearing up for a potential championship battle. He has scored three consecutive top-threes and is running as well as he ever has in his Cup career.

But after injecting himself into Patrick's move to NASCAR, the attention Keselowski receives is likely to be centered on his Twitter comments rather than on his own performance on the race track.

Keselowski would be wise to be more careful not to get distracted by issues that don't involve him and instead focus on his own efforts as a driver.