Could Demetri McCamey Be the Next Williams?

Amanda JeanContributor INovember 15, 2008

When Deron Williams was a freshman at the University of Illinois, he averaged 27.1 minutes and .354 three-point percentage per game. Sound familiar Illini fans?

Last season freshman Demetri McCamey averaged closely-related numbers: 27.3 minutes and .340 three-point percentage per game. McCamey and Williams are built alike; they have a lot more upper body strength than most point guards.

Not only are they built alike, but they also play similarly: both guards like to drive into the lane and they are fairly good three-point shooters. Watching Williams now with the Jazz and his three-year career at Illinois, and watching McCamey, I see similarities and I can’t help but compare them.

McCamey needs a little growing up to do, but with the help of Bruce Weber he can achieve that—just look at how Deron Williams exploded in his junior year, which has carried over into the NBA.

Williams, a leader for the Jazz, has a promising future ahead of him not only in the NBA, but also with the USA Senior National Team. I really am excited to see McCamey grow as a player and a leader this season. Last season he had a couple of amazing games and hopefully that will motivate him for this season.

McCamey has a head start on Williams; when Williams was a freshman he was more dependant on other teammates. On the other hand, McCamey has the potential to be a young leader for this season for the Illini, and Williams had other great players to take that role, but now has emerged into a leader with the Jazz.

I can’t wait until McCamey is in the NBA and he faces Williams in a game, I think Williams will have the advantage, but it would be fun to watch.


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