Each NFC Team's Best and Worst Offseason Decision

Adam Friedgood@AfriedgoodContributor IIIAugust 25, 2011

Each NFC Team's Best and Worst Offseason Decision

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    This year's offseason really put each team's management and coaching staff to the test.  Much quicker decisions needed to be made.

    Things like signing undrafted rookies, resigning free agents and signing draft picks all started on the same day, as appose to being spread out over a period of months like they usually are. 

    The teams that were able to succeed this off-season and better their teams were able to do so by prioritizing their needs and properly planning out their strategy for who they would go after and when.  Some teams were able to execute their plans and some flopped. 

    Here's my list of every NFC team's best and worst decision from this off-season so far.

Arizona Cardinals

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    Best- Trading For Kevin Kolb

    The Cardinals believe they’ve found their quarterback of the future in Kevin Kolb.

    They had to give up a solid young player and a high draft pick to get Kolb.  It will turn out to be worth it, if he lives up to his potential.

    They desperately needed to make a big move and it paid of with Larry Fitzgerald being satisfied enough to re-sign long-term. 

    Worst- Not Re-Signing Steve Breaston

    Losing Breaston was a very big hit to the Cardinals WR core.  Which already lacked depth to begin with. 

    Early Doucet has shown a little bit of promise.  After him there’s really nobody else for Kolb to throw to. 

    Adding Todd Heap will make up for the loss a little bit.  But he has lost a step and won’t be the player he once was.  

Atlanta Falcons

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    Best- Signing Ray Edwards

    I think the Falcons had the best offseason out of any team.

    Ray Edwards has been a beast the last two seasons with 16.5 sacks.  He will really improve a defense that was already good enough to win 13 games last season. 

    Offensive lines will not be looking forward to going up against the pair of Edwards and Abraham. 

    Worst- Not Signing A WR

    Since Michael Jenkins signed with the Vikings, the Falcons have no depth at all at the WR position. 

    I like their starting pair of White and Jones.  Although they definitely could have used another WR or two to add to their mix of possible backups.

    Terrell Owens looks like a really good fit for the Falcons now.  

Carolina Panthers

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    Best- Drafting Cam Newton

    Cam Newton is a winner.

    He won a Junior College National Championship in his Junior year.  Then Newton went on to Auburn and won the National Championship there his Senior year, as well as the Heisman Trophy.  He is a big QB who completely took over games in college.

    I expect Cam Newton to start Week 1 and turn out to be a great QB in this league.

    Worst- Re-Signing Charles Johnson for $72 Mill

    After losing Julius Peppers to the Bears a couple of seasons ago, the Panthers were not taking any chances of another great defensive end getting away.

    I know Charles Johnson had a terrific season with 12 sacks last year.  But did he really deserve all that money?  I think they overpaid him and he will have a drop-off in production next season.    

Chicago Bears

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    Best- Signing Roy Williams

    Roy Williams’ stint in Dallas was disappointing. 

    After Dallas gave up 4 drat picks for him, the WR from Texas just couldn’t find a groove there.  He had only 94 catches in his 3 seasons as a Cowboy. 

    The change of scenery should be great for Williams.  He was named #1 WR on the depth chart again for the first time since he was in Detroit. 

    Worst- Trading Greg Olson

    Olson had a bit of a drop-off last season from the year before, but he is still a Top 10 TE in the NFL.  He has good hands in the red zone and is also a threat to go deep sometimes.

    Cam Newton will definitely utilize having him on his team.  I see a couple monster seasons in Olson’s future.

Dallas Cowboys

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    Best- Signing Rob Ryan as Defensive Coordinator

    Adding Rob Ryan had to be the highlight of the offseason for the Cowboys.  He is a game changer who brings an attitude and intensity to a defense unlike anyone else, except his brother Rex of course. 

    I can’t wait to see the different kinds of blitz packages and coverage schemes Rob’s got in store for D-Ware, Jay Ratliff and the rest of the Cowboys defense. 

    Worst- Not Signing Another WR

    The Cowboys have two amazing WR on their roster already, Dez Bryant and Miles Austin.  After that they have absolutely no one. 

    The next two WR on the depth chart, Kevin Ogletree and Jesse Holley, have 10 career receptions combined. 

    Tony Romo is a great quarterback, but I think the lack of quality receivers will definitely hurt his play.  

Detroit Lions

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    Best- Drafting Nick Fairley

    What could possibly be bad about pairing Nick Fairley with Ndamukong Suh

    These are two of the best young defensive lineman in the NFL.  Both will put serious pressure on opposing quarterbacks every play, once they learn how to play together. 

    I feel bad for the NFC North quarterbacks for the next 10 years. 

    Worst- Not Signing a WR

    The Lion’s didn’t add much this offseason.   They also didn’t really lose anything either.

    They were already thin at WR and then didn’t re-sign free agent WR, Bryant Johnson.

    I know the Lions have Nate Burleson and just drafted Titus Young, but they could have really used another legitimate WR threat.  

Green Bay Packers

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    Best- Re-Signing James Jones

    James Jones has turned into one of Rodgers’ favorite targets.  He hasn’t started the last two seasons, but still has caught 10 touchdown passes. 

    I know the Packers are very deep at WR with Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, but I bet you Rodgers still didn’t want to lose any piece of his Super Bowl winning offense.

    Worst- Not Re-Signing Nick Barnett

    Nick Barnett is an amazing linebacker.  Every season in his career that he’s played in all 16 games, he’s had over 100 tackles.

    Unfortunately he’s only played in 29 games the last three seasons combined.  If he could come back healthy next season, he would be a huge plus to a defense that was already capable of winning a Super Bowl without him.  

Minnesota Vikings

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    Best- Trading for Donovan McNabb

    The Vikings had a choice to make this offseason.

    They could have gone with the rookie quarterback as starter and rebuilt the team or found a veteran who has experience playing in the playoffs. 

    I’m glad they chose to go with the veteran.  I think McNabb still has something left in the tank and that the Vikings are good enough to go deep into the playoffs this season.

    Worst- Drafting Christian Ponder at #12

    Even though I said I like the McNabb signing.  I still like the fact that they already found his replacement in Christian Ponder.

    Ponder will get to learn from McNabb for a few seasons.  Hopefully we will get to see what the playoffs are like for the first time without needing to play in them.    

New Orleans Saints

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    Best- Drafting Mark Ingram

    I was shocked the former Heisman Trophy Winner dropped so far in the draft.  I honestly thought the latest he could possibly fall would be to the Dolphins at #15. 

    At Alabama, Ingram only started two seasons and still scored 46 touchdowns.  I expect him to be the best back for the Saints this season and eventually get the majority of the carries for them. 

    Worst- Not Re-Signing Jeremy Shockey

    The Saints need to get back to playing like they were when they won the Super Bowl two seasons ago.  That year Shockey had 569 yards in only 13 games. 

    I know the Saints don’t like that Shockey hasn’t been able to stay healthy for all 16 games the past 2 seasons.  He was their best option at TE and they should have kept him around. 

New York Giants

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    Best- Re-Signing Ahmad Bradshaw

    The Giants lost a lot of key free agents this offseason. 

    They needed to bring Bradshaw back to make sure they still have a good running game.  Because losing both Boss and Smith is really going to hurt the passing game.  Losing O’Hara on the offensive line isn’t going to help either. 

    The Giants are really taking a step back next season after this free agency.  

    Worst- Not Re-Signing Steve Smith

    This was one of the more bizarre free agent situations this season. 

    Nothing was really said about Smith.  It was kind of just assumed that he was going to re-sign with the Giants or at least that they were the favorites to land him. 

    Then all of a sudden, he was on the Eagles.  The Giants coaching staff was very disappointed about how that signing went down.

Philadelphia Eagles

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    Best- Signing Nnamdi Asomugha

    The Eagles obviously had the best offseason out of any team. 

    Nnamdi was by far the best free agent available.  While it seemed like he was heading to the New York Jets,  the Eagles came in and swooped him out of nowhere. 

    He will now team up with Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie and Asante Samuel to make the best group of cornerbacks in the NFL right now.     

    Worst- Not trading Asante Samuel

    As I just stated above, the Eagles have an abundance of Pro Bowl caliber cornerbacks. 

    It’s great to have so much depth at corner, but the NFC is really tough.  I think they definitely would have benefited from trading Samuel for a great linebacker. 

    Right now the Eagles are starting at linebacker a rookie and two players who didn’t even combine for 100 tackles last season.   

San Francisco 49ers

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    Best- Signing Braylon Edwards

    This was the steal of the offseason.  Signing a receiver who had over 900 yards and 7 TDs last season for only $1 million is ridiculous. 

    I don’t care if you think he drops too many passes.  Signing your #1 WR for that little money has to be a great move.     

    Worst- Re-Signing Alex Smith

    When is it time to move on from Alex Smith?

    He’s been the starting quarterback in San Francisco since 2005 and has yet to have a winning season.  They could have drafted any quarterback this season, like Cam Newton or tried to sign one of the many available veterans.  

Seattle Seahawks

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    Best- Signing Zach Miller

    I’m a huge fan of Zach Miller.  He has never had the chance to play with a great quarterback, but has still been very productive in his short career. 

    He is still only 25 years old, so he will only get better and may even crack the Top 5 TE in the NFL one day. 

    Worst- Signing Tavaris Jackson

    I liked every move the Seahawks made this offseason except this one. 

    They got Robert Gallery, a great lineman, to protect their quarterback and two great pass catchers for him to throw to, Zach Miller and Sidney Rice. 

    Then got a terrible quarterback.  Jackson played pretty well three seasons ago, but has only had 79 passing attempts the last two seasons combined.   I don’t think he’s the answer for the Seahawks at the quarterback position.    

St. Louis Rams

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    Best- Signing Mike Sims-Walker

    Sam Bradford desperately needed another deep threat to throw to.  Bradford played well last season, but didn’t really have a go-to receiver he could trust. 

    No one on the Rams last season caught more than 3 TDs or had over 700 yards receiving.   Sims-Walker is a solid WR who knows how to find the end zone with 14 TDs the last two years. 

    Worst- Not Re-Signing O.J. Atogwe

    The Rams’ secondary isn’t very deep at all. 

    Atogwe played well last season with 3 INTs.  He would have been the starting safety again this year had he come back.  They added corner back Al Harris.  It is really going to be up to James Butler and Craig Dahl to make up for the loss of Atogwe.  

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    Best- Drafting Da’Quan Bowers

    For most of the college season, Bowers was considered as a potential #1 pick in the draft along with Andrew Luck.

    Unfortunately for Bowers, he suffered a knee injury that scared off many teams from selecting him.   If he can stay healthy, he has the talent to be one of the best linemen in the NFL.

    Worst- Re-Signing Davin Joseph for 7 years/$53 Million

    In the beginning of Joseph’s career he looked like he’d be a promising Guard in the NFL.  Unfortunately he really hasn’t lived up to expectations.

    If you look at a list for pass-blocking efficiency over the past three seasons, he’s actually in the bottom 5 in the whole NFL at his position.  I know the Bucs had a lot of cap room to throw around, but they greatly overpaid to bring Joseph back. 

Washington Redskins

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    Best- Trading Albert Haynesworth

    This move should have been made a couple years ago. 

    Ever since Haynesworth came to the Redskins he’s been nothing, but a distraction.  He would have been gone a long time ago had it not been for the $100 million contract he signed.

    Unfortunately for the Redskins though, I think Haynesworth will come back and be pretty productive with the Patriots.   

    Worst- Not Getting a QB

    I don’t know what the Redskins are thinking right now. 

    They don’t have a legitimate starting quarterback or a young back up they’re preparing to one day be their starter.  John Beck and Rex Grossman are probably the worst starting/backup quarterback duo in the whole NFL.