LSU's Future Rests In The Hands—Or Rather On The Arm Of—Jarrett Lee

Bleacher ReportAnalyst INovember 14, 2008


Two of the quarterbacks above are held in high regard around Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the surrounding area, either of them would be approached by any LSU fan seeking an autograph and that fan would possibly call that the highlight of their life maybe even held above such “important” things as his marriage or the birth of his children. I mean, when it comes to meeting a high profile LSU quarterback does that stuff even matter?

The other quarterback may be booed off of the streets or possibly even arrested…for his own protection of course. Would you like me to introduce these quarterbacks? Well, I shouldn’t because if you know anything about LSU football then you would be able to name these players right off of the top of your head but I’ll tell you their names anyhow.

From left to right: Matt Flynn (back when he wasn’t making a pile of money with the Green Bay Packers), Ryan Perrilloux, and Jarrett Lee.

Flynn and Lee are the ones to be held in high regard but Perrilloux is the one who might be hauled off by Baton Rouge’s finest for his own protection….or possibly for any crime that he may have committed since he arrived.

You see, Perrilloux wasn’t always hated (or disliked) around Baton Rouge. Back at the end after the 2007 season, the Tigers had just placed the national championship trophy into its case (that’s Flynn’s reason for being loved) and were getting ready for the new season.

Many LSU fans were looking forward to seeing Perrilloux become the full-time starter. Andrew Hatch and Jarrett Lee were looking forward to learning from him as he guided the Bayou Bengals to wins each weekend.

He had played well in the SEC Championship Game while Flynn was out with an injury, leading the Tigers to a 21-14 rout of the Tennessee Volunteers. But Perrilloux got himself into trouble off of the field, he was caught trying to sneak into a casino and he had more problems with the law. Finally he was knocked off of the team for disobeying team rules and he soon found a new home at Jacksonville State (that’s him playing for his new team above).

Meanwhile, back on the bayou, Hatch and Lee were thrust into the limelight as future starters for the Tigers. Ultimately Lee beat out Hatch and has made the freshman mistakes, but many Tigers fans are on his bandwagon now, many have dropped his name into the NFL conversation and if he doesn’t win a national championship in his time at LSU, a lot of people are going to be very disappointed.

The Tigers’ immediate future is riding on the arm of Jarrett Lee, pure and simple.

Had Perrilloux not gotten himself into trouble, this team may have well been in the national championship conversation right now instead of Alabama, he was that good (see videos). But now its time to get behind our quarterback, Perrilloux isn’t coming back but Lee is here. GEAUX JARRETT LEE and…

Perrilloux Throwing The Ball

Perrilloux Running The Ball