Chad Johnson, Oakland Raider? Not in This Lifetime

Robert VernonCorrespondent IJanuary 31, 2008

I've been reading some articles lately about how apparently a lot of people believe that under some miracle, Chad Johnson will end up in Oakland.

I'm a huge Oakland fan, don't get me wrong—I bleed silver and black—but I'm also a pretty smart guy when it comes to sports. And the last place that Johnson will end up is in Oakland.

Now you might say that Oakland was able to trade and get Randy Moss. Yes, we were, but that was after Moss had his worst season in Minnesota and had all sorts of legal problems. It made more sense to get him out of town then to deal with all of his issues.

You also might bring up how the Patriots were able to get Moss after the '06 season. What they aren't going to say is that in '06 Moss had the worst season in his great career. He recorded only 42 receptions and only 553 yards—both career lows.

Now let's take a look at Chad Johnson's stats this year: 93 receptions and 1,440 yards. These stats are nowhere near either of the seasons that forced Moss to relocate. Chad Johnson is coming off what was probably his best season as a wide-out in the NFL.

Since Johnson had such a great season, the Raiders would have to give up a large amount of talent or draft picks to bring him into Oakland.

Let's face it; Davis isn't going to do this when they have either the third or fourth pick in the draft that they could invest in a great running back or on a decent position receiver.