Swedish Wrestler Banned From Competition After Olympic Incident

ThomasSenior Writer INovember 14, 2008

Remeber that Ara Abrahamian? That Swedish wrestler who threw down his bronze medal in the Beijing Olympics? Well, I was the first and only person to cover that story here on the B/R. For those who missed it, here's the article (http://bleacherreport.com/articles/47705-swedish-wrestler-throws-temper-tantrum-after-winning-bronze-medal).

After months of deciding what to do with Ara, the IOC has finally come up with a decision. They have suspended Ara and his coach, Leo Myllari, from the sport for two years. According to the report: "their scandalous behavior showed a serious lack of Olympic spirit."

Abrahmian won the bronze medal in the competition, but staged a protest and claimed he was cheated. He then threw his medal on the ground and stormed off. In addition of banning Ara and his coach, the IOC also banned Sweden from hosting international wrestling events for two years.