Floyd Mayweather Claims That His Party Antics Are for Promotional Purposes Only

Chris FaigCorrespondent IAugust 25, 2011

The undefeated five-division world boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather, has been quite popular for his money-flashing, fast-talking, and party-boy antics.  

However, according to recent legal documents submitted by Mayweather, the nightclub appearances made by the boxer are "not random acts of partying, but calculated promotional events designed to appeal to his fan base and maintain his public presence."  Floyd had to file these documents to protect himself in the ongoing legal battle between Manny Pacquiao.  Mayweather has been accused of irresponsibly partying around the country instead of attending a deposition.

Mayweather explained that he "does not drink, smoke or take drugs," and that he realizes that many people dislike him because of his "Money Mayweather" persona.  But, he feels that "if even those who dislike him are willing to pay for the privilege of watching the fight, he is more profitable."  

This is very understandable because many athletes now-a-days will use various types of self-promotion, no matter how bizarre or criticized, because the more attention they get, the more money they will eventually receive.  This is how athletes now think, and self-promotion has become the name of the game.

But how about this, Pretty Boy Floyd.  Quit the so-called self-promotion.  Sure, you can spend the night out and have a good time, but calling nightclub appearances self-promotion and using them as an excuse not to attend something of legal importance is absolutely ridiculous.  People know who you are already.  You're pretty much a household name.  Stick to fighting and concentrate on what's important: making boxing relevant once again.