5 Reasons Why Trey Burton Will Have a Breakout Year for Florida Gators

John SheltonContributor IIIAugust 25, 2011

5 Reasons Why Trey Burton Will Have a Breakout Year for Florida Gators

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    Florida Gators true sophomore Trey Burton had a season last year that most freshman would love to see.

    As a freshman the Gators utility man had 12 total touchdowns—more then a quarter of the team's total touchdowns of 45.  His on-field performance earned him a spot on the SEC All-Freshman team and two SEC Freshman Player of the Weeks award.

    Even with Burton's decision to switch to running back for the upcoming season, I can only see a positive impact that will come with the move. 

    While Burton's not a name that pops out when the Gators are mentioned now, wait until after this season and the amount of people who will see that Burton is for real and his freshman season was no fluke.

Versatility to Play Any Position on the Field

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    Gator fans watched supposed-quarterback Trey Burton play mostly every other position than what he was thought to be playing last season.

    As a freshman Burton saw time not only at quarterback but also at fullback, tight end, wide receiver, half back and special teams.

    This kid has the ability to play any skilled position on the offense and be effective doing it.  Even though he has been categorized as a running back, don't be surprised if you see him playing at many other positions throughout the year again.

    The Gators are going to do whatever they have to do to get Burton, Chris Rainey and speedster Jeff Demps on the field at the same time.  If this takes moving Burton around, the Gator coaches will make this decision having faith in Burton to perform well knowing what he is capable of.

Experience of Playing in the SEC

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    Being one of the toughest—if not the toughest conference in college football—the SEC can be very hard for some players to deal with.  However, after his ability to get his feet wet in SEC play, I can only imagine that this fact alone will be a huge impact on Burton's performance this upcoming season.

    With already a year of experience under his belt, Trey Burton knows what SEC competition is like.  Different from last season when Burton as a true freshman had no idea what would come, he now has the ability to understand the speed and intensity that comes with hard-nose SEC games.

    It only makes sense that the one year Burton had in the SEC was a huge help for his mindset coming into this season.  Probably starstruck after the competition he had to face last year, it's much better to get it out of his system before coming into this season as a sophomore.

    Any butterflies he may have felt last season can now be gone considering he played in two of the hardest atmospheres in college football with Knoxville, Tenn. and Tuscaloosa, Ala. 

Athleticism That He Brings to the Table

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    Even with his frame of 6'3" and 230 pounds, Burton has the quickness and athleticism of a small back. 

    A main way that Burton's athletic abilities are shown off is by his versatility.  This supposed-quarterback wound up not only playing multiple positions but also being successful at them.

    The included picture shows just one facet of Burton's ability, hurdling a South Carolina defensive back.

    Being a quarterback during high school at Venice High didn't stop Burton from being a factor around the field showing his ability to catch, run, block and pass.  Burton has the body type of a tight end, hands of a wide receiver and quickness of a halfback.

    I can only expect the coaches will stretch his abilities as far as they can this year trying to have him on the field at all times.

    The biggest thing about Burton is that one play he could line up at wide receiver, then in the backfield as a running back, or even in the backfield as a quarterback.  Opponents never know what they're going to get when it comes to Burton.


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    As a freshman in the SEC, most players would allow themselves to play behind a starter for a year before jumping into the challenge. Not Burton.

    This kid has an intensity he plays with that can make fans have flashbacks of Tim Tebow.  He's not scared of taking a hit when needed. 

    With his size and speed, Burton understands that if someone wants to go head on with him they better be ready to take a hit. 

    He is also a very emotional person on the field.  When he does something big he lets people know that it happened.  It's very exciting to have someone on your team who wants the ball in big situations or wants people to see him.  It's also a great way to pump up his teammates and the fans. 


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    Even though Burton is only a sophomore, it doesn't affect the fact that he is a leader for the Gators. 

    It's just his personality.  Whenever he steps on the field it's all business for the 60 minutes of game time.  He showed his true leadership attributes by playing the amount of positions he did without complaining.

    Coming into Florida, Burton was supposed to be the quarterback that would take over after John Brantley left in two years. However, whenever coaches called for Burton to play a different position, he was there without any complaining. 

    He just wanted to be on the field trying to make an impact on the game.  Knowing that he could help the Gators in positions other then quarterback drove Trey to be the best at any place he played on the field. 

    Watch him take over the team this year and lead by example.

In Conclusion

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    Watch out for Trey Burton to become a huge part of the Gators offense this upcoming season.  Don't be surprised when the whole nation knows this kid for being a playmaker.

    He has the traits to be an outstanding player during his tenure at the University of Florida, and I believe will show it to the nation this upcoming season.

    With the ability to play almost anywhere on the field watch out for the opponents to become very confused when it comes to defending Burton.