Injury a Sad Story To Avoid In '09

cody grubbsContributor INovember 14, 2008

The injury bug we cardinal fans know well to much about it. Rather if it was Mulder or Carpenter. The Cardinals were always hoping in 2008 for the cards to get healthy and take over. Well let me not surprise you it didn't happen and there is no reason for us to believe such a thing can happen in 2009.

That being said maybe there's a reason injury's plague a team. It could be that our players are aging and we decide to sign them their last good year to a multi-year deal and there's their agent and him laughing it up while we just hope every things going to change. But health has nothing to do with it . Mark Mulder we hoped was going to be healthy but if you look at his 2006 stats were no fluke that he had serious problems with his arm/shoulder and yet we signed him to a contract he didn't deserve 2 years 15 million and we were a joke yet again.