After UFC 134: The Next 4 Countries the UFC Should Invade That Aren't Japan

Matthew HemphillCorrespondent IIAugust 30, 2011

After UFC 134: The Next 4 Countries the UFC Should Invade That Aren't Japan

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    Japan is obviously the next big goal for the UFC now that they have made it to Brazil, but it might not happen.

    Dana White has long clashed with not only the Japanese promoters but the yakuza too.  Though the UFC is doing well, DREAM is still in Japan and might do anything in their power to stop the UFC from coming over.  Japan is still a possibility and one day the UFC will get there but for now it might not be doable.

    Instead, here are 4 other countries Dana might want to consider.


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    I realize that Greece's financial problems make this one a bit more of a pipe dream than anything else but tell me it wouldn't be great—UFC in the home of the Olympics, where wrestling and boxing were first watched by the masses.  The fit is perfect and would help make headlines, which never hurts.

    It would also have a great impact on Greece's badly beaten economy and it might give the UFC a rub, making it look classier to all the naysayers and antagonists.


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    Admittedly it isn't very easy to get any event going in China.  That is why the UFC should try it. What better way to show how global the sport is becoming than by getting the Chinese government to let them host an event?

    Not only would it be huge for the UFC, but it might have hilarious side affects.  Imagine Dana White staying a week in a place whose government tries to tell people what they can and can't say. The possibilities are endless and, for the most part, entertaining.


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    This one seems strange I'm sure, but why not?  UFC just finished putting on an event in the home of Brazilian jiu jitsu, Why not go to the home of muy thai next?  

    The Thai people love a good fight and the UFC is known to bring some wherever they go.  The fanfare would be amazing and the experience would look like nothing that the UFC has ever seen before.  Not to mention, it might encourage some Thai kickboxing talent to try and become cage fighters and I, for one, am all for diversifying talent in the octagon.

    It could even be the start of an international tour of countries with styles that dominate the UFC.


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    This one I actually see happening not because it has any real significance, but because it is the home of M-1 Global and, well, Dana White can be a petty man.

    Ever since he was unable to close with Fedor Emelianenko because of his promoters, Dana has had it out for themeven calling M-1's president "Vadummy" in interviews.  I could see him coming to their hometown to stomp them out of existence and smile as he does it.

    This isn't to say that Russia is a terrible choice for the UFC's next foreign bid but Dana might want to see it moved up a little faster, just because he can.


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    If Greece would make the UFC look a little more formal and non-threatening in the eyes of those opposed to MMA, Italy would do just the opposite.  The home of gladiatorial combat would fit in perfectly with the UFC and it's cage.

    Every time I watch a fight I feel as if I'm seeing two ancient warriors go into the fighting pits to duke it out.  While MMA fans find this exciting, the comparisons would definitely make for bad press which MMA can ill afford.

    Still, I can see the main event fighters squaring off on the Colosseum floor before fighting in whatever stadium the UFC chooses to use.

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