New England Patriots Fans: Stop Blaming Overtime!

Hanz HeiligmannContributor INovember 14, 2008

Well, we came up short.  After I game like this, a loss like this, it's apparant that most of my friends are yahoos.  I have shut my cell phone off.  Stop calling and texting me about how we lost the game over a coin toss?  Are you KIDDING?  Wake up and smell the Gillette turf numbskulls!  You have the STONES to actually think we lost the game hoo the NFL overtime sucks?  Let me help you.

Grab your small brain selves a pencil and write this down.  Here's a list of some of the OTHER 745 reasons we lost this game.  And by the way,  kudos to our boys for a spectacular comeback.  Oh, or you forgot we were down 24-6 at one point??

Real reasons to blame your loss on:

Kick return for a touchdown

Not going for the field goal

Middle of the field WIDE open

Tight Ends free in the middle to catch anything

Vrabel holding call

Kick return for a touchdown

Peirre Woods

Ty Law

Brett Favre

J - E - T - S

There...I have to stop now, cuz i refuse to lower my self to your idiocracy.  Oh, by the're still my friends and I love you...