Denver Broncos' Tim Tebow Criticized Again, but Whom Does It Affect the Most?

Christopher SmithCorrespondent IIIAugust 25, 2011

One of Tebow's fans at the Walt Disney resort awaits a pass from Superman himself.(Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images)
One of Tebow's fans at the Walt Disney resort awaits a pass from Superman himself.(Photo by Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

Not Tim Tebow.

But there are some out there that take criticism of Tebow in all the wrong ways.

Tebow has a new critic this week in the form of a former Cincinnati Bengals quarterback: Boomer Esiason.

Any fan of the Denver Broncos franchise, or that of Tebow himself, has already heard what Esiason had to say about the Denver Broncos' second-year, third-string quarterback. This follows the constant criticism from ESPN analyst Merril Hoge, who can't seem to stay away from that keyboard when it comes to Tebow. 

Apparently, according to Tebow's fanbase, the criticism comes from every angle and is "never warranted."

Here's the real scoop. Tebow keeps getting criticized not because he's that bad of a quarterback, but because his fans in the Denver Broncos fanbase and around the world will not stop calling his name and sprinting to his defense.

It's almost never bad to be a diehard fan of any player—or a critic. One of the few times it does become a bad thing is when it begins to affect the organization that employs him and the other fans that are dying for a new story.

John Fox responded to the claim that some "highly knowledgeable member of the organization" named Tebow as the fourth best quarterback on the roster:

First of all, I would like to say that nobody in this building that is in the decision-making process—coach, official, or I don’t know, maybe they heard it from the cook...

I’m not sure, but we hold Tim in high regard.  I think he’s got a bright future in this game.  He’s playing maybe the hardest position I know in the NFL there is to play, and maybe in all of sports.  He’s progressing fine.  He’ll get more opportunities in games as we go; those are great opportunities.  Last week, he was cut a little short based on how the game went.  Defensively, we didn’t get them off the field, and by the time he got in, it was a four-minute situation.

Everybody in this building has high regard for Tim Tebow, and Tim’s doing just fine. There’s no update on where his ranking is at this point by any official.

I don’t think, if you read it correctly, that it said anybody in the organization...It just said a knowledgeable football person—that could have been a wide range.  Like I said, it could have been the chef; he sees the players every day.

It's incredibly easy to get exposure in the media at this point—it's as simple as putting "Tim Tebow" in your headline (see above). What gets even more publicity is when the writer puts "Tim Tebow is blah-blah-bad-at-football-blah."

The only thing worse than the critics? The Tebow fans that love him so much. The same that fuel the fire for Tebow's frequent appearances in the headlines as a "poor quarterback."

I have a theory that the critics might just stop blasting Tebow long enough to figure out what else might be going on in the Denver Broncos front office if everyone stopped taking these slights as a personal attack against the kid. 

Merrill Hoge - Tebow Fans Love What He Has to Say
Merrill Hoge - Tebow Fans Love What He Has to Say


Every player in the NFL is criticized, one time or another. The difference here is that most of the time it's answered quickly and concisely by others that may agree or disagree but eventually accept the criticism and move on. When Tebow has a harsh word thrown his way it's as if someone has thrown an axe at his head.

It's time the Tebow community starts to take these words lightly, and with any luck the rest of the fans may have an opportunity to learn about one of the other 89 players trying to make the Denver Broncos roster for the 2011 NFL regular season.

Let's answer some of his more popular assessments here and see if we can't put an end to some of this Tebow drama.

"Tim Tebow has poor fundamentals and bad mechanics." This is true, and can be worked on over time. Discussion over.

"Tim Tebow will never be successful in the NFL." Nobody in the league or outside of it has the insight to know this for sure, or to disprove it, so let's all just let it go and see what happens down the road. 

"Tim Tebow was a political fiasco even before he entered the league due to his part in a pro-life commercial." This is politics, not football. If Tebow has an opinion (or a cause for that matter), so be it, but understand that others will have opinions that differ. This is not being mean, this is life.


Any time I hear a crying Tebow fan wail on and on about how uncalled for these evaluations are, I think of something very specific.

I think of every mother or father who cried about their kid being picked on by the other kids on the playground, or about how their child didn't score as well on this test than some other child, or the bad grades their son/daughter received hurt his/her feelings and now they're mad. And that's the same reason why passing/failing grades are being removed from schools, and standardized testing has become a joke.

Yes, I just made that correlation.

Allow me to continue by revealing there is hardly such a thing as a "Tebow hater." In fact, I don't believe I've ever actually witnessed anyone saying that they "hate Tim Tebow"—aside from anyone who may have played against him in the SEC.

As a final note, please understand that I am a Tim Tebow fan—a big one. But I am also, and more importantly, a fan of the Denver Broncos, and I might be one of the only ones left.