UFC 134: Shogun Rua vs. Forrest Griffin Loser Will Never Get a Title Shot Again

Brandon ChillingworthCorrespondent IIAugust 24, 2011

This Saturday, the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janerio will host UFC 134. This is a stacked card and promises to be one of the best in recent history. This is the first time that the Dana White-run UFC will make an appearance in Brazil. It is also features future UFC Hall of Famer Anderson Silva in the main event against Yushin Okami.

The main event will be a great fight; I'm looking forward to the co-main event even more, though.

They say that styles make fights. On that basis, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua vs. Forrest Griffin will be a super entertaining contest. It is a rematch, too.

When Shogun was new to the UFC, Forrest Griffin submitted him with a rear-naked-choke. Shogun will look to avenge his loss, and Forrest will try to prove the first time wasn't an accident. I don't think that this fight will end on the ground, though—this fight will be different.

Both fighters love stand-up fighting, and both desire to knock their opponents out. Fans couldn't dream of a better matchup.

Shogun is coming off of a title fight loss where he lost his championship to Jon "Bones" Jones. He was TKO'd in the third round of a very exciting contest. One thing is for sure, he will be hungry.

Shogun is always vicious, and tries to beat his opponents up bad. This will be a big fight for him as he looks to bounce back into the win column.

Forrest Griffin has strung together two victories against Rich Franklin and Tito Ortiz. Now is the chance for him to catapult himself back up to the top of the ladder.

Anybody that has seen Forrest fight knows that he lives to put on a big fight for the fans. He will be looking to slug it out with Shogun all night long.

This contest has fight of the night written all over it.

It also has huge implications for both fighters.

Shogun just lost his title. If he loses two in a row, he will start being talked about as old news. Everybody knows that when fighters start getting knocked out, the end is near.

Not many guys can come back from consecutive losses. If he loses this fight, he will have to win at least three or four in a row to get back to a title shot.

I think it's now or never for Shogun. If he wants to be considered among the elite in the division for much longer, winning is his only option.

Forrest Griffin is on a roll. He has two in the win column and will be looking to make it three.

Tito Ortiz and Rich Franklin are good, but not considered the best at 205. Shogun Rua is.

The UFC is testing Forrest with this fight, and trying to see if he is back among the best in the division. He could be on track for a title shot if he can win this fight.

If he loses, he will prove to the UFC that he won't be back at that level ever again.

The time for both fighters is now. A loss for either is detrimental to their respective careers.

We will find out Saturday who is headed back to stardom, and who has to mount a comeback run before it's too late.