Back in Black...Now What?

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer INovember 12, 2008

Who would've thought three months ago, back when the season was close yet so far away, that the biggest day for the 2008 Nebraska defense--Bo Pelini's defense--would be a drab Tuesday afternoon in the week leading up to the Kansas State game?

Probably just about as many people as had Cody Glenn in their "Next Husker Suspended" pool, but that was only big news item #1 of the day. Big news item #2 came a bit later when the heretofore not-ready-for-Blackshirts-players were deemed ready and showed up for practice clad in black.

Not surprisingly, Carl Pelini said nothing about the former after practice and this about the latter: "I thought it was our best practice of the year, honestly."

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