Maybe This is Why They're Blackshirts Again

Big Red NetworkSenior Writer INovember 14, 2008

We all knew coming in to the season that Nebraska's defense would be better in 2008 than it was in 2007. Part of this was the addition of Bo Pelini but the larger factor was that Nebraska simply didn't have much farther to fall after last season. Just being average would be a major improvement and by all national measures that's about where Nebraska falls: average.

That said, with memories of every Pelini defense we'd seen prior--specifically, his 2003 Nebraska squad--there was significant hope that we might see a miracle turnaround with this year's Blackshirts. Overnight, they'd become a vicious, blitzing, ball-hawking, blood-thirsting unit because those are subjective measures of desire and that's what Pelini brought, loads of "want to".

While that hasn't necessarily been the case--Nebraska ranks last in the conference in turnover margin--the Cornhuskers might be closer than you think to that ideal we all had rattling around in our heads from 2003. In fact, they might be better than you think.

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