NASCAR: Fast Laps by a Slow Writer

Charlie TurnerSenior Writer INovember 13, 2008

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The fact that I’m more than a little late in posting this week's Fast Lap questions allowed me two things. One, a chance to sleep and two, the opportunity to showcase Dale Earnhardt Inc.’s most famous car, one last time.

The old No. 8 just won’t be the same (even less of the “same” than it’s been this year) when the company that fields it is called Earnhardt-Ganassi Racing with Felix Sabates. Or whatever it’s going to be called now that it’s not going to be DEI.

Teresa Earnhardt and Chip Ganassi (with Felix Sabates) must have read the same writing on the same wall and decided that a good IRL team and a great museum could make a fair Sprint Cup team. At least they hope so. I’m not as sure.

1: Brian France said NASCAR’s primary focus is controlling costs. Where should they start?

2: Has the No. 48 team redefined the term “points racing”?

3: Can NASCAR ever be taken seriously if its late TV coverage has to be moved to a cable network?

4: Jimmy or Cale?

There’s some pretty good discussion (read: argument) material in those four, tight little corners this week. Steve and I about wore each other out, especially on the TV deal, ON PIT ROW Tuesday night. I want to hear, or I guess read, what you have to say. Let ‘er rip in the comment section. We will too, I promise.


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