2011 NFL Predictions: 4 Reasons the Packers Will Repeat

Ryan GuillemetteCorrespondent IAugust 24, 2011

2011 NFL Predictions: 4 Reasons the Packers Will Repeat

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    Last year's Super Bowl champions, the Packers look to repeat their performance in 2011.  With a heavily talented and a healthier team, the Packers should have no problem doing what they did last year: win football games.

    Aaron Rodgers looks to mimic his last season numbers and lead his team back to the Superbowl, where he was named MVP.

    Helping Rodgers will be the wide receivers who played a key role in last season's Super Bowl run. Rodgers throws to arguably one of the best receiving crews in the league.

    Behind Rodgers will be his running backs.  If Ryan Grant can prove that he is back from last season's week one, season-ending injury, he will find himself on the team. Otherwise, it will be up to James Starks, who carried a majority of the load last season.  

    On the other side of the field will be the Packers defense, who will be arguably one of the toughest defenses in the league this year.  Led by Clay Matthews, Charles Woodson, Nick Collins, and Tramon Williams, the Packers will be a brick wall.

    Enjoy reading. GO PACK GO!!!

MVP Quarterback Aaron Rodgers

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    Superbowl MVP Aaron Rodgers is returning to the Packers.  Rodgers is arguably one of the best quarterbacks in the league right now.  Last season Rodgers proved that he can lead his team to victory when things don't go right.   After losing running back Ryan Grant early in the season and despite offensive line problems, Rodgers was still able to win games.

    In the Packers' last preseason game against the Arizona Cardinals, Rodgers went 9 for 12 on a scoring drive that went 97 yards and ended in a touchdown before he was pulled from the game.  

    If Rodgers plays as well as he did last year - which should not be a problem with a strong returning cast - he can defiantly lead his team back to the Superbowl.  

Rodgers' Recievers

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    With Greg Jennings returning as the number one receiver along with Donald Driver, the Packers have arguably one of the best receiving crews in the NFC North and in the League.

    Greg Jennings had two catches for 24 yards and a touchdown in the Packers' last preseason game.  Last season, Jennings finished among the top 15 wide-outs in yards-at-the-catch and yards-after-the-catch averages. He is a deadly receiver.  Add Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and you have a deadly combination. 

    Across from Jennings is Donald Driver.  Driver had three catches for forty yards in the Packers' last preseason game.  At 36 years old, Driver is a seasoned veteran but is still producing good numbers.  While Driver may be dropping to third on the depth chart with Jordy Nelson or James Jones moving in, he is a solid player who can still make the crucial catches in tough situations.  

    Look for Nelson and Jones to be locked in a battle for the team's number three receiver. The winner could end up as the team's second receiver if Driver struggles during this season.  

    At tight end for the Packers is Jermichael Finley.  Finley caught four passes for thirty-three yards last game, and after recovering from a knee injury last season should return as a key player for the Packers this season.  Finley is ranks among the league's top tight ends and should make a huge impact on the Packers this season.   

Healthy Running Backs

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    Because the Packers may not keep running back Ryan Grant, they could be relying heavily on James Starks, who they believe will be able to carry the load as he did in his breakout season last year after Grant was sidelined for the season with injury.  Starks already has a spot on the Packers' roster this season, and if Grant does not return Starks will be number one.

    Rookie Alex Green ran for a touchdown and caught one pass for 25 yards in the Packers' last game and is impressing coaches. Green will most likely be a third down type of back, but it's unlikely that the Packers will cut Green.

    The final spot comes down to Dimitri Nance and Ryan Grant.  Nance got four carries for 28 yards in the Pack's last game and is working hard to secure a spot on the roster.  Nance's solid preseason performance leaves the Packers' staff a tough decision on whom to keep.  Another advantage for Nance is that he is $4 million dollars cheaper then Grant.  Grant is going to have to show that he is the same back he was before the injury if he wants to stay with the Packers this season.  

    Grant is expected to get extended playing time in the Packers' next game against the Indianapolis Colts. He is going to have to prove he deserves a spot on the team.  

Strong Defensive Against Pass and Rush

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    Look for the Packers' defense to be solid in both passing coverage and rushing coverage with Clay Matthews leading the Packers defense at linebacker. The "Claymaker" ranks among the NFL's top linebackers and should make the Packers a threat defensively.  Matthews had 60 tackles last season; 54 of those tackles were unassisted.  Matthews also contributed 13.5 sacks for the Packers. He is a natural at forcing blockers off balance. This allows him to get into the backfield and cause chaos.  

    Behind Matthews at cornerback is Charles Woodson.  Woodson had one tackle in the Packers' last preseason game and looks fully recovered after breaking his collarbone in the Superbowl last season.  Woodson ranks among the best NFL cornerbacks. He is a threat - last year, Woodson had 92 total tackles, 76 of which were solo tackles.  Woodson also forced five fumbles and recorded two interceptions.  

    Opposite Woodson is Tramon Williams.  Williams was a major contributor in the Packers' Super Bowl run and should have a great season.  Williams is one of the five best cornerbacks in the  NFL, and his numbers are starting to look like his mentor's, Charles Woodson.  Williams recorded 57 tackles last season; 50 of those were solo tackles.  Williams also forced one fumble and had six interceptions, good for fifth in the NFL.  

    At saftey is Nick Collins.  Collins is one of the five best NFL safeties.  He recorded 70 tackles and 59 of those were solo.  Collins also had four interceptions.

    The Packers should have no problems regarding defense this year. Look for teams to have a tough time doing anything against these players.