Indianapolis Colts: Peyton Manning's Week 1 Status Blown out of Proportion?

Robby HowardContributor IIIAugust 24, 2011

Everyone just take a breath, recollect yourselves and remember who we're talking about here.

It's Peyton Manning, folks.

Don't get me wrong, Kerry Collins is a great signing for the Colts. I support it 100 percent. The team needs him—they need him desperately. But he's not going to start Week 1.

It's Peyton Manning, folks.

Manning has started 208 consecutive games. That's 192 more than third-place Ron Jaworski. Only the immortal Brett Favre has started more consecutive games than Manning, and his career is far from over. People seem to have quickly forgotten that he just signed a five-year contract to finish his career in Indianapolis. He has plenty of good years ahead of him.

It's Peyton Manning, folks.

When has the man ever given people a reason to doubt him and his ability to play?

He had surgery to remove a bursa sac on his left knee on July 14, 2008 and still managed to make it back in time for the first game of the regular season. He had surgery on his neck in late May of this year. He even said after his surgery this year that, "there is plenty of time for recovery," according to an NBC Sports article

Manning has not been able to throw to his receivers yet, so his timing will be off to start the season, much the same way it was in 2008. These next 18 days are the most crucial of No. 18's career. He has himself said that he needs time to work on his game, to get into his routine. The clock is ticking.

And that is why the Colts have signed veteran Kerry Collins. Collins has proven that he can be a reliable starter. Last season against the Colts, he threw for 544 yards, 5 touchdowns and no interceptions while with the Titans. He still has it. 

But he's not Peyton Manning.

Collins was brought in to ease the fans' concerns, many who have made their voices heard on sites like Bleacher Report, over the backup situation.

In two games, it is obvious that Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky simply cannot get the job done for the Colts. They simply can't be counted on to produce. Since Manning isn't back yet, fans are starting to get nervous that No. 18 won't be out there.

Collins gives the fans confidence that the team won't get rolled to open the season if Manning's not ready to go. He also provides solid backup in case Peyton does suffer any pain that is too severe come the season opener. He can be trusted to take the ball if Peyton says he can't.

But do you really see Manning saying or doing that? I mean, come on.

It's Peyton Manning, folks.