NHL: 12 Best Active Players Who Have Not Won a Stanley Cup

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NHL: 12 Best Active Players Who Have Not Won a Stanley Cup
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As the evenings start to slowly cool here in Pittsburgh, I noticed a few things. For starters, I must be oblivious to the world. How did I manage to not notice this earthquake everyone is carrying on about?? Secondly, and much more importantly, hockey is just around the bend!!!

If that does not get you excited, then read no further. Nothing I say will make you care about this list. Seriously. "G'wan, git!"

OK, if you stayed past that pseudo-sentence then you are the real deal. Clearly this list is for you.

Winning the Stanley Cup means everything to a hockey player. It literally can define some player's careers.

Even as fans, we have a small taste of what it means. Clearly, it is the coolest trophy and ceremony in all of sports. But winning a Stanley Cup goes beyond that. Hell, I once waited in line for four and half hours in line at the Civic Arena to touch it (it is safe to say my playing career is not going to take off at this point in my life so I did not mess anything up with the Hockey Gods).

While it is no less true in other sports, winning the Cup makes someone immortal. The names carved into its silver makeup a "who's who" of the sport's crowning moments. Where else can you find Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier alongside Jim Paek or Jay Caufield?

Now, this list could easily go to 20 or even 25 players and still be filled with deserving players. I wanted a challenge, and hopefully some discussion on the matter though. Stopping at 12 was my way of hopefully kicking that up.

So as we look at the 12 best active players that have not won a Stanley Cup, take time to think who would be on your list. Surely some of them would still be. But maybe you think Jason Spezza deserves a nod or perhaps someone like Dwayne Roloson or Kimmo Timmonen are on your list.

Regardless, let me know what you think. There are definitely some guys being left off this list that deserve to be mentioned.

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