20 First-Half Turnovers and You: The Maryland Women's Basketball Story

Dave FinocchioSenior Writer IMarch 21, 2007

IconI'm keenly aware that most of the patrons of this site are devoted students of women's basketball, and I really don't mean to beat a dead horse if everyone's already on top of this one. But...just in case anyone missed it, Maryland's women's basketball team (the 2nd seed in the Dayton bracket) succeeded in turning the ball over 20 times in the first half of their second round game against Ole Miss. To state the obvious, that's an average of one turnover per minute (for 20 minutes). If this had happened in the NBA (24 minutes with a 24 second shot clock) or the WNBA (i have no idea), then maybe this wouldn't be such a big deal.   But given the existence of a 35 second shot clock, and the fact that it's somewhat challenging to turn the ball over more than once on each possession (by definition) I'm borderline overwhelmed by the gravity of this accomplishment.
Basically I'm looking for someone who watched this game to step up and explain to everyone exactly how this happened. Was there any sort of pay off involved here? Did their point guard have one leg? Somethings gotta give here. Any help would be appreciated.
And for kicks, here are the final turnover stats broken down by individual player. A special congrats to K Toliver, who probably slept very well last night.
TURNOVERS: 29 (L Harper 3, C Langhorne 1, K Toliver 10, S Wiley-Gatewood 4, S Doron 4, M Coleman 5, A Newman 2)