WWE Rankings: The Top 10 Superstars Today

Robert KnightSenior Analyst IIIAugust 25, 2011

WWE Rankings: The Top 10 Superstars Today

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    I am sure this has been done on here before.  However, I want to announce who I think is in the top 10 for WWE today.

    There are plenty of superstars in the WWE right now who are working their butts off and showing their worth. Every week the IWC and fans all around the world tune in to see how their favorite superstars are doing.

    John Cena, Randy Orton and C.M. Punk are going to be on the list.  Some people will disagree with the names left off the list.  I will explain throughout the slideshow why each wrestler did or did not meet the criteria for this list. 

    The selections will represent the top 10 in the WWE right now in terms of entertainment, wrestling, impact and unpredictability.

    Without a further ado, let the slideshow begin.  

Honorable Mentions

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    Every list should have one of these when it comes to announcing the best.

    These superstars just did not make the cut due to either being under-utilized or not leaving the impact they should. 

    Consistent loses are also a reason to be on this list, especially if a hot streak went cold. If a person wants to be considered one of the best, winning is one way to go about it.

    With that said let me begin the list of honorable mentions. 


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    Sheamus has been on a cold streak as of late.

    Ever since MITB, he has not won much and has left little impact on Smackdown, let alone the WWE.

    He sqaured off against The World's Strongest Man and had a great showing despite losing due to a count out. 

    Besides that, Sheamus has not competed in one singles match lately. He was in the battle royal to determine the No. 1 contender for the heavyweight title.  He once again had a strong showing by being one of the final three.

    However, he was eliminated and now seems powerless to do much of anything.  Sheamus needs  to sharpen up and show his fans and the WWE that he can rebound and make an impact.

Wade Barrett

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    Barrett won his match against Daniel Bryan. 

    Ever since he has not done much at all. This guy is extremely talented and skilled. His in-ring ability is something to behold and his mic abilities are great.  People listen when he speaks and he should speak more often.

    However, Barrett has not been doing much lately. For a moment it seemed like he was feuding with Bryan, but now it doesn't.

    He proved he can beat Bryan and that he deserves the MITB case.  But he needs to prove it more often. 

    WWE should put him in more matches so he can leave his impact and entertain the fans more.  Until then, he will remain outside my best of 10 list. 

Daniel Bryan

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    Everyone knows who Daniel Bryan is. He is a great technical wrestler and a master of submission holds.

    He was taught by William Regel and it shows in the ring.  He was one of the best of the indies but right now he is not one of the best in the WWE.

    Right now he is on a big losing streak. Yes, he lost only two matches in a row, which may not be much. Who he lost them to is what matters: Wade Barrett at SummerSlam.

    That match was to prove who the better man was, and Barrett walked the talk.  He proved himself right and it made Daniel look a bit weak against top-end competition.

    For those who consider Barrett a mid-carder and nothing more, they cannot argue that his next opponent isn't one of the top stars right now: Alberto Del Rio. 

    Del Rio is the WWE Champion, recently defending the belt against a now-injured Rey Mysterio. This should have been prime picking for Bryan.  A win against Del Rio would send a big message to the locker room and the company.

    Bryan fought hard, indeed, but lost.

    By winning, Bryan will show the locker room and the rest of Smackdown that he's serious.  Everyone falls into a slump but he can't afford that while he holds the briefcase. 

Sin Cara

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    Sin Cara has been a roller coaster to say the least. He is entertaining, exciting and he has left an impact on the WWE. He has wrestled well since his return to the ring.

    For some reason, with the real Sin Cara back in the mask I do not feel he will be at full caliber. He continues to botch matches and I do not think he is among the best the WWE has. 

    He has done well and was among the final two in the battle royal. He got eliminated by the winner, Mark Henry. 

    He is promising and skilled but right now he is not among the best in the WWE.


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    Some will say that I am wrong with putting him outside this list but there is good reason for it.

    On Smackdown he was piling up wins before the SummerSlam PPV and he was hot. He claimed to have an edge for the PPV. Turns out he wasn't joking. Christian said Edge, himself, was going to be in his corner.

    Edge left him after telling Christian he wasn't himself anymore and that he could not back the Christian that now stood before him. 

    Christian later lost a great match to the Viper, Randy Orton.

    Ever since, he has not been seen and his fire has been extinguished. Christian needs to return as strong as he was when he was champion. Otherwise he will fade out and be a main eventer that lost all he had.

#10. R-Truth

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    R-Truth is too entertaining to ignore.

    His "little jimmy" phrases along with "conspiracy" is going a long way in the WWE for the moths that he's been saying them.  It may sound a little far-fetched, but he makes a good point that he and others are being held down.

    Along these lines, he has formed a team with The Miz called "Awesome Truth." 

    If people want to talk about making an impact, this is one way to do it. He has some major support on his side and does not appear to slow down any time soon. 

    His unpredictability, entertainment and nice matches are enough to land him the 10 spot on my list.

#9. John Morrison

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    Morrison has been on a roll in the WWE, most recently winning his tag team match at SummerSlam.  his feud with R-Truth appears to have ended after earning a couple of huge victories over him. 

    He is consistent in the ring and his abilities speak for themselves.  But he has never dominated in the ring.

    He is low on the list right now because he lost to Alberto Del Rio this past RAW.

    Morrison was on a hot streak before the loss and it seems things will be looking up for him from here on out. He is competitive and is always in the match.

    Morrison could be champion already if two others were not feuding for it already.

    He is one of the hidden gems in the WWE.

#8. The Miz

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    Miz is one of the best in the WWE. But he's ranked eighth because he has not been competing. 

    The Miz has not had one match since SummerSlam and he has had every right to be mad about it. 

    The impact he has made because of it has gotten people talking. He made an entertaining Subway ad two weeks ago and honestly made me hungry for some.

    By forming "Awesome Truth" with R-Truth, this tag team has promised to take WWE by storm with no mercy. The impact he will leave in the future will last long and people cannot wait for what he and R-Truth have in store.

#7. Kofi Kingston

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    Kingston recently won the tag titles with Evan Bourn.

    Out of the pair, I chose Kingston.  It took two attempts but he captured the tag titles and finally put some gold around his waist again.

    This is a serious tag team not to be taken lightly. Kingston is possibly the most talented among the WWE superstars and it shows every time he wrestles.

    He wins over with the crowd, his music sounds like the fans are at a night club and his impact in the WWE is well-documented.

    His success is helping him to the top of the WWE. 

#6. Cody Rhodes

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    Rhodes is making quite an impact on the WWE as the Intercontinental Champion. 

    He won it by defeating E. Jackson one week and then defended it cleanly the very next week in a rematch.  Before that, he scored multiple victories against the MITB winner, Daniel Bryan, and appears to be unstoppable.

    His wresting has been top notch and it does not seem like he is going to stop any time soon. Rhodes has always been a good wrestler and and has been slowly rising in the company. 

    Right now he is one of the best the WWE has to offer.  

#5. John Cena

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    I know people will be yelling at me for not putting Cena higher. Right now he is the number one contender for the WWE title.

    However, before that match Cena has not fared well with top competition. He lost to C.M. Punk twice in a row and only beat him once thanks to a a distraction.  

    His wrestling has improved and he's shown he can be tricky.  But he has not been winning enough lately to prove he is better than everyone.

    He claims Punk is the only one to go toe to toe with him, but if he wants to climb the list he needs to win the championship with a victory over Del Rio.

#4. Alberto Del Rio

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    Del Rio is the WWE champion. 

    But that does not mean he is the best out there. He has proven he is a worthy champion by taking out big targets each week. 

    Since becoming champion he has beaten Danial Bryan, John Morrison in a impromptu match this past RAW and successfully defended his title against Rey Mysterio the night after he won it.

    While his mic abilities are beyond bearable and he never has anything new to say, he is proving that he is a champion in the WWE. He has beaten some of the best from both brands and there is not much more he can do to show his worth. 

    I wrote an article recently that Del Rio is one of the worst WWE characters today.

    He may be proving me wrong.       

Mark Henry

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    That word perfectly describes what Henry has done in the WWE since joining Smackdown.

    The list of victims include The Big Show, Kane, a WWE sound guy (it looked funny when Henry threw him) and most recently, Sheamus.

    Smackdown will decide if the Sheamus feud continues.

    Henry is the No. 1 contender for the World Heavyweight title and only Randy Orton seems to be ready for him. Henry has been unstoppable and deadly, proving why he is one of the best in the WWE.

    If he wins his first title, the WWE may never get it back from him.

#2. Randy Orton

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    Randy Orton regained the World Heavyweight title.

    He has proven time and time again that he is one of the best in the ring. While people will argue against his mic skills, his in-ring abilities are impeccable and he can strike with his RKO at any moment.

    He is the Viper and there are very few people who can truly compete with Orton with everything on the line. He took the title away from Christian and has little left to prove in the WWE.

    If he beats Mark Henry when they face off, the No. 1 spot will be his alone.

#1. C.M. Punk

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    Some people saw this coming, others will strongly disagree and will say he is overrated. 

    On my list no one has done more for the WWE lately with his impact than C.M. Punk.

    His unpredictability and reality-based ethics suit his character. He's perfect for the direction in which WWE is heading.

    Everywhere he goes, people are chanting his name louder than anyone else's. He is a master of the microphone and when he speaks, everyone listens. Whether people agree or disagree does not matter because he CONTROLS the crowd with his every word.

    He beat John Cena two times in a row when it meant the most and only got the title taken from him on a screw job that is the current major storyline on Raw. Punk was 5-0 against Cena until he lost on a distraction by Kevin Nash, who was supposed to be in the hospital. 

    That speaks volumes as to who the better guy is.

    Punk's stardom, control and unpredictability is a welcome change from an era that saw Cena winning all the time in "SuperCena" fashion. 

    He may be labeled as and anti-hero, but to many across the WWE universe he is the hero of the WWE. 

Thanks for Reading!

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    Thank you all for reading.

    I know people will agree and disagree with the selections on the list.

    Please, let me know your thoughts on this list and how you would have ranked the wrestlers.  Let me know how I did and be sure to check out my other articles and comment on those as well.

    I appreciate all the feedback I can get.