Who Says Baseball Isn't a Contact Sport?

Ryan SmithCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

The question of the ages: What's the greatest sport ever? Baseball? Football? Hockey? Basketball?

I'll respect anyone's opinion, but if the reason is because there's not enough contact or action in baseball, then I have to draw the line.

My friend, who plays ice hockey, says baseball is for, and I quote, "wussies." He claims there's not enough action. First of all, baseball is an honorable game. They don't play in the rain like they would in football, and fighting isn't tolerated while it is welcomed with open arms in hockey.

There's no need for fighting in baseball. Sure, there's the occasional bench-clearing brawl, but they only happen when a player's really distraught. As for contact, jeez, have you ever been run over by a baserunner? I have.

Pete Rose ruined Ray Fosse's career when he barreled into him in the 1970 All-Star game. Fosse lasted nine more years, but never played as well due to a shoulder injury induced by Rose.

My favorite sports are baseball and football. I think baseball is the best sport because anyone can play (it began as a game for the older folk), it's exciting, and a player can star without a good team behind him. It's also America's pastime. No other sport can carry that title.