WWE: 10 Potential Rivalries for Triple H as New WWE CEO

Jon Fisher@@Jonfisher21Correspondent IIAugust 25, 2011

WWE: 10 Potential Rivalries for Triple H as New WWE CEO

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    Anticipation is growing as we watch WWE change in front of our eyes.  Fans proclaim a difference in programming is upon us and the man who is shown above will spearhead such a movement.

    Triple H, the new CEEOO (I hope you understood the joke), has already started to shake things up around here.

    He brought in Kevin Nash to feud with CM Punk.  His new interest in the cruiserweight division has the WWE searching for more cruiserweights.  An X-division in the WWE would be phenomenal and bring in a much needed viewership who love high-flying action.

    Hunter has sworn to change the Divas division and has put Goldust in charge of women's talent.  The rise of Natalya and Beth Phoenix are proof to that rumor.

    The fact that HHH is not wrestling anymore gives us the feeling he is more interested in backstage work than performing.

    Not so fast.

    This past Monday night on Raw, we could have witnessed the return of HHH, the wrestler. 

    After CM Punk was making HHH look like a joke on the mic, he came back with profound aggression, until Kevin Nash stepped in.

    Rumors spread about a month ago, that HHH would be wrestling at Survivor Series against Punk, but the occurrence of Kevin Nash might put a halt to that theory. 

    After this Punk feud is over, then what next? 

    There are many options to be utilized and as the CEEOO, big shoes are to be filled, once left by Vince McMahon himself. 

    Here are 10 new feuds for the new boss man himself, HHH. 

1. John Cena

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    Currently, we are being introduced to a John Cena/Alberto Del Rio feud and the WWE is forcing it down our throats.  Just by pure speculation, the fans wanted to see Punk compete for the title. 

    Don't worry, Punk fans, his opportunity will come soon enough. 

    Once Punk is done feuding with Team Hunter, Cena has been in the background this whole time and I'm sure some resentment will set in.

    For each slide, I'll paint a picture of the situation for each feud; just for future reference.

    After Wrestlemania 28, because Rocky comes first, HHH have had enough with Punk and his antics.  Assuming that their feud will be over, Trips opens Raw (like usual) and proclaims he has put Punk away for good and now he needs to re-enter unfinished business.

    Cena's music hits and these two stare down.  Remember now, tension rose at the contract signing before SummerSlam, and I'm sure Cena hasn't forgotten.

    These two could put on a great feud, only if Triple H remembers his position (never gets old). 

2. Kevin Nash

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    You can cut the tension with a knife, or even a sledgehammer.

    Raw this past Monday showed that there is heat between the two.  Unless that is storyline created to screw Punk over in the end, controversy like the events that took place Monday could lead to something bigger. 

    Triple H takes his business very seriously.  As the CEEOO, he promised the board to not get involved with things physically.  If Kevin Nash lays just a finger on CM Punk, then the WWE and Hunter himself could be involved in legal allegations. 

    I could envision HHH going after Nash for lying to him about the text message.  For all the WWE Universe knows, Nash could've been lying about the message this whole time and is in cahoots with Johnny Ace. 

    HHH side with Punk? 

    Very unlikely, but it could happen.

3. Alberto Del Rio

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    No surprise really.  He is the Undisputed WWE champion after all, so naturally a feud with the boss is imminent. 

    But you already knew that. 

    Enough with the catchphrases, it's time to get down to business.  With this new "undisputed" gimmick, the WWE has the fans confused and wondering how it is undisputed if Del Rio never actually won a match and unified the titles. 

    This is where the boss steps in.  I must add, however that it is my personal belief that Del Rio is associated with Funkman and is screwing Punk the whole way. 

    Del Rio could be praising himself and saying the unified title is due to his victory at SummerSlam.  The boss comes out and says he had nothing to do with the unification.  I'll let the rest of the storyline build in your imagination. 

4. The Miz and R-Truth

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    Believe it or not, this was probably the best I've seen of R-Truth and from the Miz in quite awhile. 

    They were naturally hilarious and that rap performed at the end was the icing on the proverbial cake.  Each point the Miz made was absolutely correct.  Being under-utilized is the current state for both wrestlers and they deserve the main event spotlight. 

    Miz and R-Truth need a feud to keep them fresh in the main event and HHH is the man to do that.  After weeks of havoc caused by the Awesome Truth (tag-team name) Hunter approaches them and demands they stop. 

    Obviously, they will not and this could lead to a feud with Truth and Miz with the new CEEOO.  Possibly a stint with the tag-team titles is in their future. 

    I believe this could be the start of a Miz face turn, when these two wrestlers grow tired with each other. Truth will stay a heel, which mean the Miz will be the face in this split and will become a top face on Raw or Smackdown.

    That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, and it's AWESOME!

5. Dolph Ziggler

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    This is the first of four stretch feuds for the CEEOO. 

    Ziggler is entrenched in a feud with Jack Swagger and Vickie Guerrero at the moment, but the way things are going, he could pull off a face turn and show the WWE universe how much talent this kid has. 

    Wrestling skills are there; so are his mic skills.  Did anybody watch him two weeks ago on commentary? 

    Long story short, he was excellent. 

    All this kid needs is that sure-fire feud that launches him to the top.  He is in the same situation as Wade Barrett and Daniel Bryan. 

    I could see it playing out as Ziggler is fed up with only going for secondary gold, he decides to make his case for a major title.  Whether it's on Smackdown or Raw, HHH will be there to participate. 

    What would be even better, is if they brought back relevancy to the U.S. title and have still have HHH feud with Ziggler, more on a main stage than a background match. 

    If Dolph stays true to his perfection gimmick, then HHH could come out and say there is no such thing as perfection as he tried to do that in 2002-2006.  Each wrestler could go back and forth and ultimately have a Ziggler vs. Vickie/HHH feud.

    Not good?  I think that feud would work well for both parties involved. 

6. John Morrison

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    My apologies for the teaser. 

    Maybe if it weren't for the lady on the left, this could have been reality. 

    Sorry JoMo, looks like its back to the jobbing board for you.  Too bad, you could have been a great superstar.

    I will say this:  If HHH is serious about bringing back the cruiserweight title or an X-division, Morrison would highlight the group and could win multiple titles.

    Now, that is a feud. 

    He turns heel and HHH is forced to fend off the newest cruiserweight superstar. 

    Yes, that is splendid. 

7. Randy Orton

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    This and the next slide will happen only if Smackdown goes live every week.  If that does indeed happen, then it will be a definite blast from the past. 

    These two have a fantastic feud three years ago, when Orton was dominating Raw.  Just to remind Orton fans, this was when he was actually entertaining and a great wrestler/mic worker. 

    During their feud, that was the last time somebody's house was used on TV, please correct me if I'm wrong.  Of course we could go back all the way to the days of Evolution, but that isn't relevant these days. 

    Soon after Orton has been dominating Smackdown, he claims there is nobody to contend, because he is the best champion of all time.  HHH comes out and tells Orton he begs to differ.  This could set up a feud that actually has Hunter wrestling. 

    This will sound extravagant, but I'd love to see Orton vs. HHH at WM28 and if HHH loses, he retires for good. 

    Maybe that is too far-fetched, but I'd love to see how the whole feud would pan out.  Unless Hunter were to turn heel, this could be the return of the Orton we all know and used to love. 

8. Sheamus

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    I won't go into great detail about this slide, because it is all self-explanatory.  One thing people might speculate, is the fact Hunter has to wrestle for this feud to become reality. 


    Let's assume Sheamus wins the World Heavyweight title and he is celebrating in the ring.  Hunter comes out and says, "Remember what you did to me?"  He attacks Sheamus or have a goon do it like Mason Ryan or Skip Sheffield (great feud for either wrestler). 

    Every Friday or Tuesday night, HHH will make Sheamus's life awful and end up costing him the title.  Remember, if Smackdown airs live, expect a boost in programming, wrestling and storylines.

    If they even want to do a mystery storyline where somebody attacks Sheamus and there is a mystery enforcer who is controlling it all. 

    My money would be on HHH with his sledgehammer in the library. 

9. Returning Vince McMahon

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    This slide and the following one were very tough to add, but it is all too realistic.  Vince McMahon was relieved of his duties as CEO of the WWE.  Triple H took over his position as the CEEOO. 

    For all Vinny Mac knows, Trips could have forced Vince out of office or lied to Vince about being relieved just to receive more power. 

    I may be daydreaming, but the possibilities are endless. 

    The feud, when Vince comes back would be so compelling and emotional that programming couldn't lose.  Unless they pull a Katie Vick, but that isn't possible. 

    Vince loves the business more than anyone.  He loves the spotlight even more.  By the way, it was Vince's birthday yesterday, we will see if Raw even notices it. 

    If I were to envision WWE without Vince McMahon having nothing to do on TV, then we are involved in a dim world.  Vince will always be on WWE TV until he dies. 

    This would also be a way to involve John Cena in a storyline in between Del Rio and Rocky.  Vince could side with Vince or HHH and evolve his character. 

    Just a thought?  Although, this feud is not as good as this next man.

10. Chris Jericho

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    Granted this is a stretch, but let's be completely honest and biased, this would be the coolest thing ever.  Aside from feuding with Punk, a feud with the new boss would make for great TV on Monday nights. 

    Jericho has said he wants a new character when and if he ever returns, so he could go in as a face (no other way) and fight the establishment.  His new on-screen persona is still up for debate, but as for a feud, it basically writes itself. 

    HHH will eventually turn himself heel and be the big man on campus, who apparently cannot remember his job title. 

    By this time, Jericho's Fozzy tour will be completed and his last return will become reality and he will stand up to the man, as in the new CEEOO.  This might be my dream article, but please dream with me. 


    There you have it, Bleacher Creatures; 10 potential rivalries for HHH.  Those are only 10 and I'm sure you guys will think of many more.  Please use the comment section below and I appreciate any reads and feedback I receive. 


    I write the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth..And it’s AWEESOMMEEE!