WWE: Who Should Get a Chance To Take Down Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title?

Nate Scaccia@@TheNateScacciaAnalyst IIIAugust 25, 2011

WWE: Who Should Get a Chance To Take Down Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Title?

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    The Raw Money in the Bank winner, Alberto Del Rio, cashed in his MITB briefcase at SummerSlam and won the WWE Championship by taking advantage of Kevin Nash's attack on CM Punk. Obviously, CM Punk deserves to get a shot at the title as he has a rematch clause. But who else deserves a shot at the title?

    With this slideshow, I will do something different from the norm. I will give 12 wrestlers who deserve a shot at the title, but it will not be just main event talent. Superstars who have proven themselves over the years and who have seemingly been kept down by the WWE will be included.

CM Punk

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    Let's get the obvious one out of the way first. CM Punk has a rematch clause and therefore deserves a shot at the title. But beyond that, Punk has sparked a new interest in the WWE and has seemingly helped usher in a new "Reality Era."

    With Punk's new-found popularity and rematch clause, he obviously deserves a shot at Del Rio.

John Cena

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    Cena is included here for his rematch clause as well. Cena looks like he will get his chance since he defeated CM Punk on Raw after Kevin Nash's distraction.

Mark Henry

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    Mark Henry is a veteran of the business and has been around for quite some time. On Smackdown, Henry is getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship and he certainly deserves it.

Zack Ryder

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    Ryder deserves a shot at Del Rio and his championship because he has gotten over without the support of the WWE. Ryder has built up his own fanbase and has gotten little in the way of a push. Ryder is now the assistant to the Smackdown GM, whatever that's worth.

The Miz

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    The Miz deserves a shot at the WWE title because since he lost the belt he has not been in the main event. Miz has been pushed out of the way by the new storylines. Miz is just as (if not more) entertaining now then when he had the belt.

    Miz deserves a shot so he can get back to being the most "must-see WWE Champion in history!"

William Regal

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    Veteran William Regal will most likely retire in the near future. Someone with the abilities and skills of Regal deserve recognition. In Regal's tenure, he has never been a World Champion. Give the veteran the shot he deserves.


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    Kane was lucky enough to receive one last main event push a few months ago when he was World Heavyweight Champion. But I say before he calls it quits completely, give him a shot at the WWE Championship one last time. Not saying he has to win it, but just give him a shot.

The Undertaker

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    This man has arguably done more for the WWE than any other superstar. Undertaker has a 19-0 record at WrestleMania and I can't think of a better match to get to 20-0 then one involving the WWE Championship.

Kofi Kingston

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    Kingston was on a roll until Randy Orton decided he was not worthy of a main event push. The fans love Kingston and he has enough talent to at least get a shot at the title.


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    Vince has no faith in the drawing power of Christian as he can't seem to hold a world title for more than a few days or weeks. Christian is another veteran who at least deserves a shot at the biggest prize the WWE has to offer.


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    Sheamus has not been in the WWE Championship picture for quite some time. Sheamus has shown that he can be entertaining as a face and draw in a crowd. Put Sheamus up against Del Rio for the WWE Championship.

Wade Barrett

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    Wade Barrett has always talked about being the WWE Champion, but he was never able to live up to his claims. Wade has been very useful thus far in the WWE and helped bring excitement to the WWE with the Nexus. Give Wade Barrett a title shot. Can you argue against it?

Daniel Bryan

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    Daniel Bryan has the best wrestling ability in the WWE. Bryan has also been through many different angles and storylines in his career. He has been forced to put up with the constant teasing of being the nerd of the WWE. Bryan finally gained the chance to be a main event star when he won the Smackdown MITB, but I say give him a shot at the WWE Championship.


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    Those were the 12 superstars who I think most deserve a shot at the WWE Championship. Do you agree with the choices?

    Who do you think deserves a shot?

    Leave your comments below.

    Thanks for reading.