Nash Suspended? Why?

king KaneContributor INovember 14, 2008

Yes there was a small scuffle that involved Phoenix Suns players Matt Barnes, Steve Nash and Shaq with Houston Rockets players Rafer Alston, McGrady and Yao. 

Why the punishments?

I am all for punishing players for misconduct on and off the Court, but what did the friendly neighborhood Nash do to deserve a one game suspension?

Alston and Barnes deserved their suspensions, but why was Nash held to a different standard than Yao, McGrady and even Shaq?

Nash ran into the argument to break it up and McGrady pushed him on the ground before Nash could even say anything.  Then Alston went after Nash who didn't return a swing.

How is the fine greater for Shaq who was reacting to McGrady elevating the whole situation? 

Did I watch a different "fight"?  Was there not any real problems until McGrady decided to act like his team mate Artest and push Nash?

I haven't even heard Yao get anything in all this when he had the same involvement as Nash.

Was Nash the victim, no, but McGrady was the instigator and should be sitting or at least be penalized with the same fine amount, if not more, than Shaq.

Maybe the NBA felt bad for the Rockets because they look liked a bunch of chumps getting pushed around by Shaq.  I hope the Rockets learned a valuable lesson that day.

Artest, for the first time was the only smart one and didn't get involved and I commend him for that...McGrady, you should be sitting and I hope your knees are ok from that nasty fall, and your back from having Yao thrown on top of you...