Daily Haze: What Chris Johnson's Holdout Means for Fantasy Owners

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Daily Haze: What Chris Johnson's Holdout Means for Fantasy Owners

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When I touched on Chris Johnson’s holdout a few weeks ago, I did not think it would get this serious.

Like most NFL holdouts, I figured Johnson would miss the first week of training camp and a preseason game to make his point. Then, he would rejoin the team and either (A) play out his current contract or (B) get a deal done with the Titans.

Well none of that happened. Johnson is taking a hard stance in regards to his contract situation with the Titans. And fantasy owners are starting to get a little nervous.

If you already had your draft and took Johnson in the first round, you need to back him up. The names to know on Tennessee’s roster are Javon Ringer and Jamie Harper. You want Ringer, the more experienced back, first. Harper is only a rookie but is having a nice preseason.

For those who have not drafted yet, choosing Johnson is a personal decision. How risk averse are you as a fantasy owner? There is an increasing chance that Johnson will miss some of the regular season. If you are going to take him in the first round, no matter where you get him, it would be a great idea to draft Ringer at some point.

Other owners are going to try to draft Ringer now, given Johnson’s up-in-the-air status. So you may even have to reach for him at this point (7th – 8th round).

The good news here is that this all could change for the better sometime today. Johnson is going to meet with the team in Nashville to get a status update. Hopefully, for the sake of fantasy owners making draft decisions everywhere this week, the two sides can start moving in the right direction.

Here are today’s great reads:

  • Larry Fitzgerald got paid last week. Chris Johnson has maintained that he wants to make top play-maker money. So it follows that Johnson wants to make more money than Fitzgerald. I highly doubt the Titans pony up that kind of cash. [The Big Lead]
  • More Chris Johnson reads, this one for the fantasy owners: Do you have the CJ2K bug? Drafting him is going to be a difficult decision for those who make it. Personally, I hope this drags on a little longer so that his value continues to decrease. [CBSSports.com]
  • When you head into your fantasy drafts, try to simplify your draft strategy as much as possible. I see too many owners trying to defend their picks because so-and-so has a better schedule. Fantasy owners also are notorious for making draft decisions based on bye weeks. It is a good idea to have a list of bye weeks heading into your draft, but always pick the better player regardless of bye weeks! [Roto Arcade]
  • The Dolphins drafted Daniel Thomas to be the back of the future, but the future seemed to come quickly when the team sent Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams packing. Despite the trade for Reggie Bush, fantasy owners rushed to draft Thomas just a year after rookie Ryan Mathews left sour tastes in the mouths of fantasy owners everywhere. Are we about to fall for the same trap with Thomas? [RotoProfessor]
  • There are few things to like about the Washington Redskins. But one of them was not even part of the team a few short weeks ago but is poised now to have a big impact in the fantasy game this year. Tim Hightower has the starting running back job in D.C. and it has been a lucrative position in the past under Mike Shanahan. [Fantasy Douche]

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