Free Agency Is Upon Us

John SchanmierContributor INovember 14, 2008

I have heard rumors that the Cubs might want to trade Derrek Lee. This is crazy, the guy hit close to .300 and knocks in an average of 80-90 runs. I know that he has lost some of his pop, but with that average they should just change his place in the line up, not trade him.

We have enough power in our line up that we don't need lee to hit 30 homeruns, just get on base. This is why I would want the Cubs to get a true lead off man and move D. Lee to second in the order.

So here's my dream line up.

  1) Brian Roberts

  2) Derrek Lee

  3) Aramis Ramirez

  4) Alfonso Soriano

  5) Geovany Soto

  6) Mark Derosa

  7) Kosuke Fukudome

  8) Ryan Theriot

Remember this team won 97 games last year, they don't need to make a bunch of free agency moves. Maybe some platoon type players to fill in when we need some left handed hitting. If we pick up Adam Dunn or a left handed power hitter like him, then I suggest we get rid of Derosa. Remember we still have Fontenot.

All I know is you need defense as much as offense and Lee is a gold glover at first base. I still believe he can hit 25 homerums and knocked in 60-70 RBI batting second in our line up.