13 Worst Announcers in NFL History

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13 Worst Announcers in NFL History
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If you have watched NFL football for any extended length of time, you probably find yourself looking forward to hearing a game telecast by one of your favorite announcers, just like you consider changing the channel when you start hearing one of your least favorite announcers start talking. 

That is how I usually react when I start to hear the whiny voice of Tony Kornheiser. I repeatedly would watch a little bit of Monday Night Football, and then I just couldn't take it anymore, I would have to change the channel since he bothers me that much.

Who you like to listen to and who you detest is very much a personal choice, or left to personal tastes, so expect some choices here to be different than some of yours.

Some people might have listened to the long-time voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers' Myron Cope, and decided that it was like listening to somebody dragging their fingernails over a chalkboard, while others think his unique voice made each game special. For those not used to listening to Cope, here is a video link that you might enjoy.

We are going to go back in history, and see if we can determine who were the worst broadcasters in NFL history. You may or may not agree with our picks, so feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

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