Miami Mystique: Why Homestead Should Not Get a Second Cup Date

Heath HeidemannCorrespondent INovember 14, 2008

The conversation comes up every year: Which tracks should get a second Cup date?

Sometimes, it's Bruton Smith pushing the issue for Vegas. Sometimes, it's the fans after getting a second bad race at a particular track in one year.

Lately, Homestead has worked it's way into the conversation as a track that both fans and drivers would like to see receive a second date. With the reputation the track has gotten, I am sure the other two major NASCAR series wouldn't mind either.

Since it's reconfiguration in 2003, Homestead has received high praise for its effort to get more competitive, multi-groove racing.

Who wouldn't want to see another race at a track like that?

Well,... me.

I know I probably just found a new enemy in Curtis Gray, the president of Homestead-Miami Speedway. Maybe even some of you reading this article. But hear me out.

For years, NASCAR has been the joke of the sporting world. Although the redneck jabs have somewhat ceased, we still get it for having our "Super Bowl" at the beginning of the season.

Enter Homestead.

Nothing against Daytona, it is and always will be the best race of the season. But a lot of that has to do with the fact that it's the first race of the season. We have been without our beloved sport almost three months! Admit it, we would be excited if it was held on a quarter-mile oval.

When NASCAR and Ford teamed up to make the last races of all three series at Miami, it created an identity.

Everything comes down to one track. Everything is going to be decided here.

Not only that, it will be competitive.

More than that, we only see this place once, for only this reason.

Much like Daytona, even if the season still ended in Atlanta, we would be just as excited for this weekend. The fact still remains we haven't seen this place in a year.

The drivers look forward to it. The fans look forward to it. And I am only talking about the racing!

How much excitement is lost if this track isn't exclusively reserved for Ford Championship Weekend?