Tim Tebow to the Colts? Why a Trade Could Benefit Both Sides

Geoffrey MortonCorrespondent IIAugust 23, 2011

Tim Tebow throws a pass during the 2011 preseason.
Tim Tebow throws a pass during the 2011 preseason.

A year ago, Tim Tebow was being praised as the quarterback of the future in Denver, and he showed huge promise with a 308-yard game against the Texans during which he both ran and passed for a touchdown while leading the Broncos to a comeback win.

Many expected Tebow to get the nod as starter going into 2011, but things began to go downhill for Tebow when some of the main supporters of his pick left the Broncos.

One thing led to another, and now Kyle Orton is starting, many of the Broncos staff are speaking out about how they really felt about the pick, Tim Tebow is No. 3 on the depth chart, and now Tebow is being called the fourth-best quarterback in Denver training camp behind Orton, Brady Quinn, and Adam Weber.

Now it seems all signs point to Tim Tebow leaving Denver, and Indianapolis might just be his best option.


Why it works for the Broncos:

It's obvious that Tim Tebow is unwanted by many Broncos officials. While Tebow remains in Denver, he brings unwanted media attention and controversy to a Broncos team that is trying to concentrate on improving on a dismal 4-12 season in 2010.

Members of the organization are constantly swarmed with questions about Tebow, his chances of starting, his skill set, and his NFL-readiness.

Getting rid of Tebow would be getting rid of a headache for most Broncos officials, and it would also free up some cap space while allowing them to focus on other things besides developing a second-year quarterback.

Why it works for the Colts:

Let's be blunt: Curtis Painter is never, ever going to be a capable NFL starter. While the Patriots made an extremely smart move taking Ryan Mallett in last year's draft to let him develop for a couple years behind Tom Brady, the Colts would have no solution at quarterback if Peyton Manning were to be injured or retire in the near future.

Tim Tebow is a natural leader and playmaker, but he needs to develop a pocket presence and work on his passing fundamentals. Who could teach him better about such things than all-time great passer Peyton Manning?

If he is able to stay healthy, Manning will be able to play at a high level for a few more seasons, and during that time Tebow can watch diligently and learn from the master. If all goes well, when Peyton's time is up in Indianapolis, the Colts will be able to move right along with Tim Tebow as the quarterback of the future.


The Details:

The main problem with this trade is the financial aspect. Tim Tebow's contract is worth roughly $9 million, while the Colts only have about $7 million of cap space. In order for a deal like this to go through, the Broncos would have to re-work Tebow's contract, something that I'm sure the Broncos and Tebow would be anxious to do, seeing as the Broncos seem ready to unload Tebow, who would be in a much better situation in Indianapolis.

So what could the Broncos get in return for Tebow? They have several needs that need to be addressed and more than a few veterans that will soon be leaving. The best thing the Colts could offer them would be one or more draft picks, possibly going as high as the third round.


In Conclusion...

All in all, the Broncos have made it clear that Tebow is not a huge part of their plans for the future, and the Colts need to look for a young quarterback to learn from Peyton Manning and be ready to step in for him when he gets injured or retires.

If a trade such as this did go through, both the Broncos and the Colts would be better off.